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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Part II : Who is Who in Zambian 2021 Presidential Elections


By Field Ruwe EdD


I continue where I left off. I am cognizant of my intense writing and for that reason I may not be everybody’s cup of tea. I am intense because tone deaf politicians have led us in the fool’s paradise in which we can’t see their betrayal, their inhumanity and vanity. Election campaigns have already kicked off with a headwind of lies, bribery, corruption, and deceit—all a staple of Zambian politics. Among the candidates are convicts campaigning behind the artificial walls of the penitentiary in their unseen prison uniform. The politicians featured here have sullied their reputation beyond redemption their supporters must come to their senses and have nothing to do with them.

1. Chishimba Kambwili- National Democratic Congress (NDC)

Leader of the National Democratic Congress Chishimba Kambwili is the most irresponsible political leader who reduces Zambian politics to the level of silliness. His behavior is certainly outrageous by any standard, and particularly for a man who aspires to be president someday. Describing his political style as impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective is an understatement. A remarkably narcissistic individual, he shamelessly moves through politics like a child who suffers from poor impulse control.

Since Kambwili came in the limelight, we have watched him evolve from pettiness, ridiculousness to idiocy and absurdity. Inflated with a sense of self-importance, and troubled political relationships, Kambwili is the product of a political life in self-inflicted mayhem; one that often times metastasizes into erratic boundless behavior and unfathomable recklessness.

Often the combustible Kambwili whose gross rhetoric, and slapstick histrionics are his trademark, sticks his dirty foot in his mouth with no understanding of the consequences of his actions. When in trouble, he becomes a master of shenanigans. There are plenty of examples in the media demonstrating Chishimba’s immature tactics. For instance, on October 14, 2020, Kambwili became a convicted criminal and was ordered to serve a year in prison. He faked illness and exhibited his belly as evidence, all the while panting like a baby. The belly did the trick and he was let go.

On March 18, 2021, Kambwili found himself at the feet of Edgar Lungu shamelessly begging for forgiveness and a pardon. His gullible supporters didn’t know what had hit them. Kambwili the craftier of crooks jumped ship, leaving the NDC for the dogs and rejoined PF. Cruelty comes in many forms, but there’s a special sense of dishonor for political leaders like Kambwili who treat their followers like toilet paper. Such dishonest behavior has undercut his effectiveness as a leader of an opposition political party.

It shudders to think Kambwili can be a leader of a party, or worse still become president of Zambia with his illogical thinking and immoral behavior. Most Zambians see a president as the consummate role model. Kambwili models the opposite. I bet you, Kambwili will leave the PF party before August back to NDC or form another. We should all be worried as we watch Kambwili day after day exhibit behavior contrary to that of a serious politician.

2. Fred Mmembe – Leader of the Socialist Party (SP)

Socialist Party President Fred M’membe
Socialist Party President Fred M’membe

How did a capitalist begin to preach socialism, a dangerous and misleading doctrine to the poor? Here is how; with INTERPOL on his heels, Fred Mmembe was thinking fast. Like the Mexican drug lord El Chapo, he climbed the barbed wire and jumped into refuge, his hands blooded, metaphorically put. The most wanted tax-evading bourgeoisie-turned-convict had just outfoxed Zambian justice and landed in the hands of Cuban ambassador Nelson Pages Vilas; to be precise, in the hands of socialism an ideology he once despised.

Back in the pre-democratic era, The Weekly Post, of which Mmembe was front and center, relentlessly urged Zambians to reject Kenneth Kaunda for imposing a costly brand of socialism that enforced periods of starvation due to highly priced mealie-meal. Week after week, Mmembe and his colleagues exposed socialism for the utopian fraud it was, stressing the ideology always transmuted into tyranny and turned strongmen into serial killers. Between the Weekly Post and its demise as The Post, Mmembe who had become a political jailbird embraced Cuban socialism as his gateway to asylum.

In the 2000s, Mmembe whose major concern was the value of property and the preservation of capitalism, put on his toque (the chef hat) and cooked books for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until he became a bourgeoisie. When he heard a knock at the door, he flung himself into the Cuban Embassy. It was behind the embassy walls that Mmembe’s Socialist Party was hatched.

Zambians beware of capitalist Mmembe. He has entered politics to shield himself from criminal liability. This he is doing in collaboration with Cuba, a country which has proved to be the worst form of model which to improve the quality of life. It is the 21st century, yet Cuba, with one of the highest population of doctors and other academics, remains an insular museum—frozen in time—its dilapidated buildings, old cars, and pirate aroma are good only for tourism.

Please bear in mind as you prepare to enter the voting booth in August:; a vote for socialism is a death sentence.

Group 3 to be continued. Who’s next?

Footnote: Matters Arising: Peter Sinkamba—Green Party. I wish to respond to Peter Sinkamba of the Green Party featured in Group 1. I do so because his comment about me is in the public realm. Responding to my take on his party, Sinkamba claims to know me personally, and alludes to my marital status insinuating he has some dirt about me which he chooses not to share with the public. I do not know Peter Sinkamba, nine years my junior, and don’t recall being in his presence. And one thing for sure he’s never been in the presence of my family. He may know my in-laws through the friend he alludes to, that’s about it. Above all, I don’t remember committing a crime of any sort in his presence. This goes to all back-stabbers, don’t dwell into my personal life maliciously under disguise just because you don’t like me. State your real name, tell your story and provide tangible evidence. If you heard it from a second party, a friend, or a fib-peddling relative of mine, or if you are a congenital liar seek help.

Sinkamba further claims that my facts about his party are wrong. Here I quote him: “Also, Field must countercheck facts. In 2016, Civil Society organisations that reviewed all manifestos, under the auspices of Action Aid Zambia, voted the Green Party manifesto as the best in 2016 elections. This information can easily be accessed through Google.” My response to Sinkamba is brief; a great manifesto wins elections and not polls. A Green Party score of 0.12% in the 2016 elections is as good as no manifesto.

Click here for Part 1


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    Great analysis Field Ruwe… ????

  2. Kkk Made my day Ruwe, bring it on, we need to know these charlatans masquerading as leaders for who they are.

  3. Thanks Field, please help expose these characters called politicians in Zambia, caliber is really worrying, and wonder why Zambia with similar conditions in the region with other countries of covid and climate change is worse off. How do you have a currency eroding by 50% in a single year and you are the only country to have such in the region, and all appears normal and business as usual, and the party in power which is under performing big time still claims to be popular. Unbelivable

  4. Spot on! we need to scrutinise these characters and hit them hard at the ballot box. CK is a convict and anyone entertaining his behaviour is an accomplice to crime and should be showed the door through the votes. Zambia deserves better, we have been patient for a long time. The people of Zambia now know the tricks used by these fraudsters and should reject them outright.

  5. Very funny that the politicians in Zambia once they fall out with their colleagues, they rush to say I will spill the beans, niza ulula, nala zala, Yaba

  6. With respect to Kambwili, you are spot on.

    I just hope neckless CK’s political career is all but over?

  7. The guy has a doctor of education EdD and not a PhD. In academic circles, it counts for very little. Why do we say so? Field Ruwe used to spin records at ZNBC before he followed his medical doctor wife to the US to seek a better life. Without his wife, he would be no where. I would be interested to know if the character even has a BAED or masters degree in education. I seriously doubt he has any. No wonder the character took ages to get his so-called EdD. It is because his educational background is a dubious one.

  8. “A remarkably narcissistic individual, he shamelessly moves through politics like a child who suffers from poor impulse control.”

    “It shudders to think Kambwili can be a leader of a party, or worse still become president of Zambia with his illogical thinking and immoral behavior.”

    Thanks Field Ruwe..Your analysis and articulations never cease to amaze me! On point!!!

  9. I’m trying comprehend why you started with minions instead of the main players. Kambwili is with his NDC, He hasn’t yet crossed if at all he’s crossing. Indeed he’s playing his role as a useful effectively. The UPND looked to him to help him win elections. They have kissed dust and BP is high. The person he called names has elected to host him and has given him a podium to help destroy his opponent. Just like FTJ said about Sata when he was confronted to expel his wayward Minister from the MMD. He retorted thus: I’d rather have the cobra spitting from inside because it’s unlikely that he’ll direct the venom therein than from outside

  10. I wish I could write like this in Chi Nyanja, ChiTonga, Si Lozi, Ki Kaonde, Ki Lunda, Ki Lubale, Ichi Bemba, Chi Nsenga, Chi Toka, Chi Namwanga, Chi ….

  11. This guy will make a good moderator for the presidential candidates in zambia.
    These are questions current journalists are failing to ask these presidential aspirants.

  12. As usual, a beautiful write up. Zambians are quick to agree when the viewpoint favours them, there shall be hell raised when Field Ruwe discusses the UPND and the PF.

  13. Just one question, would the description of Chishimba been the same in this article if Kambwili was still in an alliance with HH? I dont think so!

  14. The demeaning manner in which the article is written clearly shows that the writer is pushing an agenda, and is not driven by patriotism.
    Yes Chishimba Kambwili and Fred Mmembe may be a convict and Capitalist respectively, but Ruwe, is exposing himself.
    I would therefore suggest that Ruwe just openly campaigns for his preferred candidate.
    Ruwe is subtly trying paint a clean image of his preferred candidate by painting gloomy picture.
    However, Ruwe is at liberty to write as he wishes, though being a mature and of sound mind, I would implore him to be civil in his language use. Just tone down.

  15. When Field Ruwe says, “Don’t argue, you were not there…”, he means he has lived long enough and dug deep enough as a historian for you to credit him with trustworthiness. He has written about Sata Michael, Kabimba Winter, Miyanda Godfrey and others. At least he does not do it the way Chanda Chimba III penned it on Stand Up Zambia. Let him write objectively factually on any candidate without malice avoiding to be cheaply bought by other political players. The way he wrote about General Miyanda, though he deregistered his own Heritage Party, it looked like Ruwe helped put the last casket nail.
    I think Dr. Ruwe delights in dissing politicians!

  16. I have read some of the stuff Field Ruwe writes. He always writes from the negative view hoping that it would attract more readership. To my knowledge he has failed. Usually he tends to pick on those who are known or great thinkers. But they all ignore him. Like a parasite, he tries to ride on the shoulders of good writers. He is some kind of street fighter on social media. He supports some politician but he is not courageous enough to support him/her openly. By writing sarcastically he hopes to find that kind of a reader through LT. Knowing Zambian readers they will soon brush him aside unless he modifies his style of attack.

  17. @7Zambian Observer. You are just too lazy in researching. Please just Google Wikipedia to understand the education background of Field Ruwe. I don’t Fully agree with what he writes but would certainly not question his education when the internet is full of information

  18. Dr. Field Ruwe’s credentials show he is extensively educated, but he never balances his facts, always sarcastic and opinionated, bent on propagating peoples negative side as if they never did anything good in their life.
    There is no one Ruwe hasn’t picked up a quarrel with in his quest to stardom as a prolific historian. To me Lackson Nthani is what ZNBC has ever given us as a historian.

  19. Field Ruwe, I repeat, as a leader I will not wash the dirty linen in public. You know your mess and the agony you created to your families both sides. Dont pretend you have forgotten.

    Back to my ideas, the fact that I got 0.12% votes does not mean the Green Party manifesto is no manifesto. That is a simplistic and myopic view. When Jesus was crucified, how many people were by His side? How many visited His tomb? Is the low turnout the reason to justify that the Gospel then was no Gospel? How many followers or Christians do we have today, globally? Has the Gospel changed today, almost 1990 years after His death? Why the billions now? Only time tells the story.

    For your information, Eminent writers elsewhere in the world classified my ideas as throughly good ideas. Read the article…

  20. …Read an article by an Englishman Tim Worstall that feature in the Forbes in November 2014 entitled “A Thouroughly Good Idea: Zambia Wants to Add International Trade to Marijuana Legalization”. Worstall said my idea was one of the very few ideas that have been put forward at any recent election in any country that he was aware of” and added that “of course there are a few legal problems still to iron out about this but it strikes me as being an eminently sensible policy”.

    Yesterday, the Cannabis Bill and Industrial Hemp Bills were presented for First Reading. Committee Stage is set for 6th May. This is proof the legal problems are being ironed out.

    So, clueless characters like you have been shamed, slowly but surely. Shalawambe!

  21. We Missed you Sir !!! I wish I could share my contact details. I want to read whatever you’ve written in the past. What a blessed thinker !!!

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