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Angola applauds Zambia for playing a significant role in preserving peace in Angola


Angola State Secretary for Defense, Former Combatant and veteran, Domingos Andre Tchikanha has commended Zambia for playing a significant role in preserving peace in Angola.

Gen. Tchikanha said Zambia has in the past, played a crucial role in hosting the former combatants who left Angola and settled in Zambia.

“The ex-combatants were given full support, material, political and emotional support. They were hosted and Zambia is still hosting refugees from Angola,” he said.

Gen. Tchikanha noted that after the war in that country, many Angolans preferred to remain in Zambia to make it their second home.

“Amongst those that are residing in Zambia are those that fought towards the freedom of Angola,” he said.

Gen. Tchikanha said this when he paid a courtesy call on North-western Province Permanent Secretary, Willies Mangimela in Solwezi today.

Gen. Tchikanha appealed to the Zambian government to integrate Angolans so that they freely participate in the country’s development.

And Mr Mangimela has assured the Angolan government that Zambia, is fully supporting Angolan refugees in the country and those who have been integrated.

He said some of the refugees who settled in Meheba refugee settlement were integrated and are doing very fine in production.

“The families that were integrated are now in full production or doing a lot of work in farming and they are also contributing in the economic activities of North-western Province,” Mr Mangimela said.

He added that Zambia and Angola will continue to enjoy cordial relations which were established by forefathers in the areas of defense and security.

Gen. Tchikanha is leading a delegation comprising of the Angolan Ambassador to Zambia, Azevedo Xavier Francisco and some members of the Ministry of Defense, Former Combatant and veterans of Angola to meet and interact with former combatants staying in Zambia to find out what the Angolan government can do for them.


  1. And Angola is significantly more developed than Zambia economically,militarily and in terms of infrastructure.

  2. Zambia is a peace loving country. It has set an example for the entire continent. The appreciation by Angola is testimony to importance of Zambia in maintaining peace in the region.

  3. Today I feel proud to be a Zambian. It is the matter of pride for every one that neighbouring countries seek our help when it comes to defeat hate and violence. Proud to have a leader like Edgar Chagwa Lungu!

  4. It is great feeling to receive accolades from someone who has been through violence all his life. It is comforting to know that those affected by violence sought refuge in Zambia.

  5. We should look at the lives and work of Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. They have given the great message of peace to the world. It is the ultimate truth if we want to live happily and prosper. I am happy to know that Zambia is following the footsteps of the great leaders.

  6. Zambia is a great country. We all must thank God to have born here. It is honor that many Angolans preferred to continue to stay in Zambia. Thank you for your trust.

  7. Everyone wants to have a peaceful life. One can do anything for that. And for the people of this region, Zambia is the only hope. That underlines the importance of our country and visionary leadership.

  8. All peace loving people are welcome to Zambia. Our hearts and arms are wide open for peace and prosperity.

  9. Peace is the only way to growth and happiness. Many countries in the world like Bhutan may not be developed. But the people are happy because of the peaceful nature. Zambia too values peace more than anything.

  10. Yet, they can’t ensure peace in the country. They need our help for that. Economical and other material growth is ok, but one has to have peace to enjoy the growth, right? So, don’t be cynical. Learn to appreciate what we have. And as far as economical growth is concerned, let me tell you that Zambia too is growing. You will see the change in next two – three years.

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