Thursday, April 18, 2024

Civil servants told to be loyal to govt


Nalolo District Commissioner Doreen Kabila has called on civil servants in Nalolo District to remain loyal and support the government of the day.

Ms. Kabila said civil servants are implementers of government policies hence the need for them to be loyal to the ruling party.

“It is important that as government workers we put efforts together so that our people can benefit from government policies,”

She said development can only be attained when everyone works as a team.

Ms. Kabila was speaking when she met civil servants and community members at Lubosi Primary School in Nalolo District.

She further urged all peace loving Zambians to ensure that peace and unity is upheld as the country approaches the August 2021 General Elections.

And Lubosi Primary School Head Teacher Mwembo Mwembo pledged commitment towards provision of educational services to the community.

“As Civil servants we shall endeavour that we execute our duties well and promise to represent government well,” he said.


  1. If you ask this District Commissioner if she is a civil servant or a PF official she will be confused with your question …in the same vein her telling civils servants to be loyal to govt is equally confusing to her as she doesn’t know the difference between govt and Party them its the same thing.

  2. This lack of nzelu to determine the difference between ruling party worker and government worker should come to an end! We need to normalize separating politics from core government work.

  3. When you work in civil service your loyalty is to the government first and not a political party. Some one should have told that useless woman who was confronted by the two men at the government office where she was showing tribal behaviour of upnd

  4. Tex-Mex – When Sata came in 2011 he started appointing his PF party officials as Provincial PS to reward them with jobs under the guise of driving the Party manifesto as that was enough he decided to remove this post and create DCs and their Deputies who were also resident PF mobilisation officers….these DCs are very active in organising PF campaigns whilst publicly utilising GRZ vehicles and recourses, most of this recklessness of GRZ expenditure is due to such useless roles.

  5. Civil servants should only be loyal to the republic and the constitution.Some GRZ stuff need to be done in non partisan/objective manner so this woman is giving misguided /corrosive advice.

  6. Being loyal to the same corrupt government that hasn’t paid you for four months? And that doesn’t pay retirees their pensions? That is a bit rich isn’t it?

  7. Civil Servants should be apolitical, Objective and Professional. We have just seen the dangers of Politicising the Civil Service. PF Cadres and thugs invading Govt Offices firing a Civil Servant on the spot and threatening the PS with dismissal. The only way for Civil Servants and Public Workers to keep their jobs safe is to send ECL and PF “ku wire ” on August 12. All Civil Servants should vote wisely if they want to keep their jobs safe. The writing is on the wall.

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