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PF justifies the appointment of Charles Kakoma to the Party’s Central Committee


Immediate past chairperson of the Patriotic Front (PF) Legal Affairs committee, Brian Mundubile, has clarified that the ruling party waived the five years required for a new member to be appointed to the central committee using standing orders under Article 70 of the party constitution.

Mr. Mundubile, who is also Government Chief Whip in parliament, says standing order under Article 70, is part of the several orders which were amended by the national council of the party at the recently held party conference where President Edgar Lungu was unanimously re-elected.

He says this decision has seen new members such as former UPND party Spokesperson Charles Kakoma getting elected into the new PF central committee.

Mr. Mundubile told ZANIS in Lusaka today that, according to Article 70, the PF constitution may be amended by the general conference of the party provided a notice of the proposed amendment has been circulated to members of the national council not less than one month before the meeting.

He said Article 70 also states that the notice of the proposed amendment should subsequently be approved by the two thirds majority at the general conference.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mundubile, who is Mporokoso PF Member of Parliament, said the recently held party convention was successful as it attracted participation from all ten provinces of the country.

He said the convention saw the election of President Lungu as party president as well as the ratification of 54 members of the PF central committee.

He also clarified that President Lungu did not handpick any member of the central committee but merely submitted a list of proposed members to the national council for consideration and their names were ratified as they represented the entire country.

Mr. Mundubile has since urged PF youths across the country to remain active and take advantage of the various opportunities present.



  2. Its an election year so PF thinks they can “buy” influence and votes by appointing this turncoat to their Central Committee.

  3. This PF has shown its no different from UPND. So it’s clear to all Zambians that the change they want will be the same. Only there won’t be any change because Lungu is not ready to let go. Even in 2026 he will still going to be ready to go. He will introduce Bill 20 after elections to change the constitution. Wait & see

  4. Only the tribal goats are making noise. Meh meh meh like a constipated pregnant goat. Upnd you are f00ls who deserve to be punched in the head

  5. UpND did this pali ba GBM, he brought no MPs from “his native” province to UPND. So ba PF you have just grieved some of your loyal genuine patriots of your party for nothing. This man will not bring you any votes from his native province. Anyway tikulabiskako waka

  6. There is a God in heaven who hears the cries of the oppressed. Where is Idi Amin? Where is Mobutu Sese Seko? Where is Ian Douglas Smith? Where is Robert Mugabe? The murderer of Thomas Sankara is now facing trial years after the offence. All are gone, in one way or another they go away. No one should ever take people for granted. God doesn’t vote, but He executes the desires of the people.

  7. When Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba, Canicius Banda, Obvious Mwaliteta, Daniel Munkombwe and others were stolen from other parties by UPND, it was erroneously thought than the newcomers would fatten them with votes. The opposite happened because it was not a revolution. Charles Kakoma well knows the real winners’ it’s PF. Election winning is strategy.

  8. The day Kakoma will defect back to his Party is the day the PF will realize that it’s not good to get excited about detectors. He’s left his old friend Kadansa scratching his balls in frustration. Many Zambians in politics have no integrity

  9. PF should be very careful with these defectors who have been in opposition for a very long time. Their roots are still in opposition, mind you

  10. If President Edgar Lungu prepared the list of MCC members then what was the need for so much pomp and splendor in the midst of the suffering masses, it could have been done by ZOOM meeting and avoided all the time wasted, including other resources! Democracy is being eroded by parties not holding elective general conference.

  11. What the PF leadership do not get is how annoyed hard working PF supporters feel when a newcomer is appointed to a senior PF position, but any way Lungu has filled his cabinet with MMD members much to the annoyance of PF members. This is the begining of the end for PF, there is confusion in the camp.

  12. You Have to give to PF,
    They had Kakoma deeply embedded in UPND all the while feeding them information on UPND strategies, movements etc. They must have had him wired all the time. This could explain the possibility of something HH said in private which ended him locked up on the spurious traffic offence charge. How else can you explain his zero to hero status PF in literally days of his defection from UPND. Kakoma was PF’s Man in PF to paraphrase a description of such double agents from British Intellegence. There is something seriously wrong with these “CK”initials (Charles Kakoma / Chishimba Kambwili..)

  13. Wind of Change has come, PF is going mark my words ,Am not a politician though I can assure you PF is finished. wait and see

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