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President Lungu’s stance on value addition is commendable-Anthony Mukwita

Economy President Lungu’s stance on value addition is commendable-Anthony Mukwita

Zambia’s Ambassador to Germany, Anthony Mukwita says the recognition by President Edgar Lungu of the strategic economic opportunities offered by electric vehicles must inspire the business community to invest more in value addition.

Ambassador Mukwita says President Lungu’s commitment to value addition signifies his government’s readiness to facilitate investment in businesses that will take advantage of the growing electric vehicle industry.

On the opening day of the just-ended elective conference of the ruling Patriotic Front, PF, President Lungu described value addition initiatives that have begun in the mining sector as encouraging signals that come at the right time when the world is transforming the auto industry from fossil-fuel-dependent to electric-powered models.

Ambassador Mukwita has called on the business community both in Zambia and Germany to translate government policy on value addition into profits for their companies as well as economic benefits for Zambia.

“The Zambian government has done its part and willing to do more to help business go into value addition. It is now left to business to move in and take advantage of the business opportunities offered by the electric vehicle market which now runs into billions of dollars”, Ambassador Mukwita says.

On his part, the Zambian envoy says he will continue to engage the German Chamber of Business Associations with a view to getting auto makers in Germany set up bases in Zambia.

The Ambassador says he is confident of a positive outcome as Zambia is offering ready infrastructure to set up manufacturing firms in Multi-facility economic zones that have been built and continue to be built in different parts of the country.

“MFEZ facilities help cut down costs normally associated with setting up factories as they provide structures and areas already serviced with roads, water and electricity”, Ambassador Mukwita observes.

The electric vehicle industry is currently valued at more than 140 billion dollars with estimates that in the next five years, it will jump to 700 billion.

The gradual switch from fossil-fueled vehicles to electric models is a response to the adverse impact of climate change in which transportation has been identified as one of the major culprits.


  1. Diplomats are supposed to be above the partisan divide. Not this one, clearly in the pocket of his corrupt paymaster!

  2. Stance with absolutely no results. if in doubt check all the macro economic indicators, inflation, exchange rate, reserves, unemployment, balance of trade all in negative and deteriorating further and this has been like this even before covid. And I hope you know that our currency at 50% erosion in a single year is the worst among all the countries in our region with similar circumstances and conditions.

  3. Mukwita you are very hardworking and I can assure you I’ve been commending you to our president. It’s a pity that there abroad you facing the negativity of those rare inbred bab00ns called upnd diasporans.

  4. Anthony start packing your bow ties, you are losing job in few months. If you impregnate a German student today, she will be just 3 months pregnant when you leave in August.

  5. This subject of value addition talk show has been going on since the UNIP regime and nothing seems to be happening. Not long ago Professor Clive Chirwa talked of the amount of copper which goes into manufacturing of a commercial plane in terms of wiring. and how Zambia was to benefit and grow its economy. Non of our political leaders took serious interest in implementing such a project. If value addition copper industries were put up in Zambia, it would be a big plus as copper from DRC would also be processed here. We don’t think of tomorrow but always investing too much into politicking and hero worshiping our leaders at the expense of real development. Now that we are in an election period, there will be a lot of promises of heaven on earth and once the elections are over the…

  6. Again this little clown,praised by KZ.Both clowns are fitting to a circus.One more funny than the other.

  7. This Diplomat is irritating and should stick to being a diplomat and not a bootlikcer, for me my favourite is Mwamba the dude in Ethiopia, I met him in the toilet at Pamodzi he is a very clever guy, ECL does not like clever people surrounding him.

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