GIZ cushions climate change effects on dairy farmers


Stakeholders have come on board to complement the government’s efforts in fighting the shocks of climate change on dairy farmers in the country.

German Society for International Cooperation Ltd (GIZ), through a programme called the Zambia Dairy Value Chain Project, is training a number of dairy farmers in Southern Province.

GIZ Senior Advisor, Belinda Chilala explained that the drought that affected the Southern province in 2019 has had a hash impact on dairy farmers.

Dr. Chilala pointed out that this programme, which runs up to 2024, targets to empower small holder dairy farmers with sustainable skills.

ZANIS reports that Dr. Chilala said the programme that began in 2015 targets to train not less than 10,000 dairy farmers in the Southern province.

She said currently 24 dairy cooperatives are being empowered with sustainable capacity building skills in the region.

“We target to empower over 10,000 small holder farmers on how to feed their animals and also produce the fodder than just depending on the rain fed pasture and we are working closely with the line Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries among others,” Dr. Chilala explained.

The GIZ Senior Advisor underscored that the climate change that hit the region hard a few years ago, has brought about the break out of animal disease in the area.

She pointed out that foot and mouth disease and tick-borne are among the diseases that dairy farmers are battling with in the regions.

Dr. Chilala has since lauded government and other cooperating partners for their tireless efforts in fighting animal diseases in the country and other challenges which dairy farmers are facing.

An average person in Zambia consumes 35 litres of milk per capita against the 200 litres recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO).