UPND accused of trying to sabotage the civil service


The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) in Lusaka Province has charged that attempts by the opposition UPND to sabotage the civil service are a cheap political gimmick.

PF Lusaka Province Chairman Kennedy Kamba says the party is aware that the UPND is making cheap political gimmicks and maneuvers by using civil servants to try and create an impression that the PF is failing to manage its cadres.

Addressing the media in Lusaka this afternoon, Mr. Kamba Charged that these maneuvers are highly provocative and will not help the UPND gain popularity because the truth will always come out.

And Mr. Kamba has reiterated that the three young men seen in footage harassing a female civil servant at the Ministry of Works and Supply are not members of the PF in Lusaka adding that their criminal activities have nothing to do with the party.

He disclosed that the lead culprit has been identified as Charles Kakula, a medical clerk officer from Kabwe.

The PF Lusaka Province boss says the party is baffled that Kakula traveled to Lusaka and staged the harassment of an innocent fellow civil servant claiming that he is a PF cadre in Lusaka and had the audacity to drag the woman to the office of the Permanent Secretary, and further issued inflammatory statements before cameras.

“These are desperate attempts by a frustrated political party as it is headed for another electoral defeat come August this year,” he said.

Mr. Kamba has since thanked the police for arresting Kakula and his friends for such criminal activities under the pretext that he was a PF cadre.

“No person, PF cadre or not can go Scot free after committing such a crime, Mr. Kamba stated.

Mr. Kamba further stated that the party is perplexed as everyone else that another video of a civil servant identified as Aaron Mwanza, a registered nurse at Chainama Hills College clad in a UPND regalia recorded himself for more than three minutes while at work, disparaging the PF government and campaigning for the UPND.

He charged that all civil servants have a well elaborate code of conduct and it is highly unacceptable to take politics to places of work.

The Provincial Chairman charged that this kind of indiscipline will never be taken kindly or tolerated.

“As earlier stated, we know so well that some civil servants have been paid to sabotage government by coming up with such misconduct to demonstrate disobedience and defiance to the state and the government of the day,” Mr. Kamba said.

Mr. Kamba said while Zambia is a democracy, civil servants are not allowed to take politics to their places of work.


  1. So this is the goon that sent the PF thugs, he’s so shameless to accuse the UPND when they are the victims in this diabolical scheme.

  2. It is really shameful that our leaders want to change the story and are being casual over a serious matter! I personally wonder , what makes one think the PF cadres can’t do that , when these cadres have gone to the point of beating police officers at the police station just there in Lusaka. Our leaders must take responsibility for the unruly behavior of their cadres without shifting the blame to others.

    The Lusaka PF Boss must be reminded that the people ZAMBIA gave PF the power to run the country, to protect the people of Zambia and property regardless of political affiliation. It is sad to see our leaders blame UPND which has no madiate from the people of ZAMBIA.

  3. When you see the backlash you want to change the story even to the extent of disowning your own people. Those over excited PF cadres who think they will go to such extremes to please their masters beware! You will also be disowned.

  4. This fear of anything UPND by the PF is now a concern. Please, that is not politics. The way PF fear UPND like the way children fear darkness. UPND is not the only opposition political party in Zambia please. And start working, the country is on its knees

  5. Pf thugs are harrasing Zambians everywhere for money. From bus stations, intercity worse. Even on laybys on the roads, they want money in the name of pf. On hiking spots they are there. Today you want to point fingers at others.

  6. This is looking interesting. I hope Charles Kakula will expose the UPND by disclosing in court that he had been paid by them to discredit government in the way he did. If justice is to prevail in this matter, Mr Kennedy Kamba should be called as a witness to say under oath wht LT is reporting him saying here. And wht a day that would be in court.

  7. Kamba cannot deny that PF Cadres have invaded Police Stations and beat up Policemen on duty in the past.PF Cadres recently threatened Concourt Judges, Malawi Judges and insulted Malawi Govt. Now PF Cadres have fired a Civil Servant on the Spot and have threatened the PS with dismissal. This was Video taped so it’s on record. The level of lawlessness among PF Cadres is frightening. PF has politicised ZPS and is trying to do the same with the Civil Service, ECZ, Concourt etc. We are watching.

  8. You will say the true, time is coming.
    Watch “Zanu Pf taught me to beat & torture opposition using violence says Jim Kunaka” on YouTube

  9. Today am in the mood to slap a few upnd members. They only understand the language of slaps to the head. F00ls

  10. Civil Servants know that with ECL and PF in Power their jobs are not safe. PF politicised ZPS and now we are living in a Police State. ZPS murdered their fellow Civil Servant Prosecutor Nsama Nsama and now two Civil Servants at Ministry of Works have been threatened with with violence and dismissal. Furthermore PF Cadres have threatened Concourt Judges, Malawi Judges, Malawi Govt,Lawyers,Opposition leaders etc with violence. Another 5 years with PF violence will be unbearable for all Civil Servants. Their jobs are being threatened by PF Cadres. Come August 12 all Civil Servants must vote wisely and for survival. ECL and PF should put “ku wire” on August 12. They are a danger to the Zambian Nation and Civil Servants’ well being. The writing is on the wall.

  11. Disowning is the only politically right thing to do. Let them take the bullet , they will not regret for doing so. Money is flying in the air,know who to roll with and get that free bag ,tax free without sweeting.

  12. All Right thinking Civil Servants must know that what happened to Madam Sherry and Lennox Kolonda both of Ministry of works will happen to them if ECL and PF retain Power on6 August 12 Elections. Under a PF Govt Civil Service jobs are no longer protected. PF Cadres get their orders from top PF Leadership. PF Cadres are more powerful than Permanent Secretaries. Nsama Nsama a fellow Civil Servant was murdered in cold blood by ZPS and this can happen to any Civil Servant. Some Civil Servants have been retired early on tribal grounds. Under an ECL and PF Govt Civil Servants are endangered species. Come August 12 Civil Servants should vote wisely to preserve their jobs. ECL and PF must be put “ku wire” without fail. The writing is on the wall.

  13. Why is Kennedy Kamba not arrested yet, I thought it was notorious Lusambo who sent those thugs to undress that woman?
    Arrest Kamba, arrest it.

  14. PFs fear of UPND is really strange, just like the way kids fear darkness. And the way they talk about UPND every minute, you would think UPND is the only opposition political party in Zambia

  15. Not sure why the PF believes that issuing statements is working. Meanwhile all economic indicators are down even before covid came. Even the strong positives MMD left are all gone

  16. The failure to perform by the Pyefu is very visible. How do your friends the MMD leave the exchange rate at K7 and you push it to K22 and say you are working. Working where? And because you have to blame everything on something this time you select covid, and yet your economy was in free fall even before covid

  17. So the i.d!.0t is not even a PF member?? Cheap politics by the bantustan savages. These are the only strategies they come up with instead of alternative policies. No wonder Charles Kakoma and Belemu left.

  18. In the next few weeks, Zambia will be painted RED. The ground is so fertile for CHANGE. Copperbelt will Go SO RED LIKE CRAZY. colour yaba Nkana- RED.

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