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Compliment Government when necessary rather than always condemning us, President Lungu tells the Church

General News Compliment Government when necessary rather than always condemning us, President Lungu tells...

President Edgar Lungu has appealed to the church to pray for the leaders ahead of the 12th August general elections.

Mr Lungu said there was need for the church to pray for national peace ahead of the elections more especially the adoption process so as to have God-fearing leaders.

The Head of State has also urged the church to compliment government when necessary rather than always condemning it.

Speaking when Lusaka Association of Catholic Diocesan President Gabriel Mwanamwalye paid a courtesy call on his at State House, President Lungu advised the church to always offer constructive criticism, opposed to condemning his administration all the time.

“Once in a while compliment us when we do good and criticize us whenever necessary. When we are wrong tell us in a loving and peaceful manner because we all make mistakes”, he added.

He urged the church to continue praying for the political leaders as the country adopts their preferred candidates so that they are God fearing.

Noting that the country needs leaders that listen to the church, Mr Lungu also encouraged them to continue preaching peace to all including the opposition leaders in order for everyone to co-exist.

And Father Mwanamwalye said it’s important that all political parties spread peace to all citizens before, during and after the elections.

Stressing that peace is an asset that must be guarded at all times, Fr Mwanamwalye stated that it’s important to preach peace to all citizens in order to avoid any calamities.

“This is the best time for the country to preach peace . Over the past years , there has been incidents of violence, fake news , name calling among others. These should not happen again”, he said.

Fr. Mwanamwalye used the occasion to appealed to political party leaders to restrain their cadres from violence adding that all political parties to remain peaceful ahead of the crucial August 12th general elections.


  1. Flooded roads ,Chibolya-like slums, Eurobond default , falling GDP ,depreciating Kwacha,massive debts ,spiralling corruption .Bwana Lungu compliment you for what good?

    Maybe some cold peace but that’s all.

  2. Edgar Lungu dresses nicely and he speaks good English.That’s as far as my compliments go but on leadership,benchmarks and GRZ performance you guys play in the minor leagues.

  3. Thank God for the most corrupt PF government ever? Thank God for two innocent citizens killed by government troops? Thank God for ruining the economy? Thanks but no thanks!

  4. ECL says it is important for leaders to listen to the church! If he believes that, why has he not responded or given audience to the 3 church mother bodies who expressed serious concerns with a number of issues running up to the elections? How do you expect them to compliment hypocrisy and deceit? I thought all the churches that have been receiving “empowerment money” have been doing nothing but complimenting him. Is that still not enough?

  5. Prayers on their own will not achieve much. ECL should initiate dialogue among Political Parties and agree to a Code of Conduct for the 2021 Elections to deliver free,fair,credible and peaceful Elections. Such a multi Party Meeting could be Chaired by the Church. It doesn’t help for ECL to talk about Prayers while in darkness he is busy scheming how to rig the 2021 Elections. This level of hypocrisy by a seating Head of State is unhelpful and deceitful. Political Leaders must walk the talk and do what they promise to do. ECL promised SADC ,AU and all Election Observers Credible 2021 Elections in Zambia. What is ECL doing about this? How will he achieve free,fair,credible and peaceful Elections? Action speaks louder than words. ECL needs to be Action oriented and not just engage in…

  6. My president I totally agree as a born again myself. But I think it is hh who needs our prayers the most at the moment because We heard he is in a coma due to covid. Can the upnd tell the nation what is going on instead of posting old videos of him riding a bicycle around his home. The earlier they tell us, the faster we can start national prayers for that sinner hh

  7. President Lungu is working on the ground, appealing to people and church, and ensures that peace is maintained across the country. Whereas, HH even after being a party leader doing nothing to spread awareness about maintaining peace.

  8. Haters will have problems with everything related to President Lungu’s administration. Zambians must ignore them and continue to support our great leader.

  9. Don’t worry Mr. President! The majority of Zambians are not fooling to believe the rumors that UPND media is spreading to defame the ruling party.

  10. We live in a peaceful country and no opposition can damage its peace! Our President must throw everyone in jail who tries to spoil Zambia.

  11. Hichilema wanted to be in the public eye! He knows that if he talks about anything else, nobody will give a damn. But, if he targets the country’s government, he will be in the news. HH is an attention seeker!!!!

  12. I think the only motto of HH is to target President Edgar Lungu unnecessarily. Why HH is so afraid of a kind-hearted man who does his work sincerely and refuses to interfere in others’ matters.

  13. I never heard Hichilema or any of his party members appreciating the government’s projects benefiting Zambians. They have continuously criticized, defame the government!

  14. Ever Heard of incentives our kateka? The Church and the people at large need a reason to die and fight for King and Country. No one wants to sacrifice for a defunct, corrupt, and doomed regime. Inspire, don’t complain. We will plug in when We See Hope in your leadership.

  15. What haters how can you even sleep at night knowing this man has completely destroyed a vibrant nation like ours, youth unemployment is high and citizens are suffering. The man himself is even acknowledging that but since he’s fed and getting rich off the country he thinks everyone is doing fine like him

  16. The President was on point for the church to compliment Govt when it does well and offer constructive criticism. Not at all in reality the church as body of Christ actually faces a lot problems as they are in first line dealing with the masses on a daily basis, there is no holiday. Mr. President you should realize that human needs are endless, they just pop up one after another, its like a stomach, no matter what you feed today tomorrow it will be another story. I would encourage you and other politicians who are aspiring for continued occupation of the higher office and those who are trying to undo you to be level headed as peoples’ servants not masters. Develop the country using our available resources and embark on projects that are community driven not imposing in the name of…


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