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Brazilian Government Commits $ 75, 000 towards COVID-19 response in Zambia

Headlines Brazilian Government Commits $ 75, 000 towards COVID-19 response in Zambia

Minister of Health Jonas Chanda has praised the Brazilian Government for committing ,USD 75,000 towards the COVID-19 response in Zambia.

He said the donation of funds by Brazil is a clear demonstration of continued healthy diplomatic ties and confidence donors have with the Zambian government.

Dr Chanda said the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic requires solidarity in a bid to bring in the much-needed resources.

‘’Government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu continues to mobilise additional resources to effectively manage the response to the COVID-19 and other health priorities in the country,’’ he said.

On the on-going COVID-19 vaccination, Dr Chanda revealed that a total of 610 individuals have so far been vaccinated bringing the cumulative number to 1,316. So far, 29% of those vaccinated are healthcare workers.

Meanwhile in the last 24hours the Country has recorded Seventy-four, 74 new cases out of 4,999 tests conducted representing a positivity rate of 1.5%, recorded among 30 Districts Countrywide.

In his daily COVID- 19 update, Dr Chanda said the country has recorded one death due to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours bringing the cumulative number of COVID-19 related deaths to1,235, classified as 691 COVID -deaths and 544 COVID-19, respectively.

“It is regrettably, that one COVID-19 patient died in the Levy Mwanawasa Teaching Hospital Isolation Center during the last 24 hours. Bringing the cumulative number of COVID-19 related deaths recorded to-date now stands at 1,235, classified as 691 COVID deaths and 544 COVID-19 associated deaths,” He noted.

a breakdown of the new cases by province with shows that Central recorded nine, while Copperbelt recorded two, while Eastern province recorded eight.

Luapula , Lusaka, Northern and North-western provinces recorded six, ten, 21 and seven cases , respectively while. Southern , Western and Muchinga provinces recorded nine, two and zero cases, each.

At district level, Mbala District recorded more cases with 18, Itezhi-tezhi District had six cases, Lusaka District had six, Kazungula District had four 4 and Nchelenge 4 and three 3 districts, bringing the cumulative number of confirmed cases recorded to date stands at 90,918.

On discharges, the country reported 163 from both the COVID-19 isolation facilities and home management, bringing the cumulative number of recoveries to 88,718 97%.

Dr Chanda said that the country has currently of 965 active cases 50 of whom are admitted to our COVID-19 isolation facilities and among those admitted, 41 are on oxygen therapy with six in critical condition.

And the minister urged all Zambians to adhere to the five golden rules of masking up in public, maintain physical distance, regular hand washing frequently or use hand sanitizer, avoid crowded places and staying at home.

Seek medical attention early if symptomatic and get vaccinated when the opportunity is presented to you, he has reminded the general public.


  1. Everything with Lungu’s GRZ is foreign aid,foreign consultancy ,empowerment and creating a culture of dependency.Now its Brazil to the rescue with a paltry $75K USD.

  2. This is very shameful indeed surely what are you going to do with $75K buy a Land Cruiser VX for a PS if anything our black brothers and sisters in those Brazilian slumps called Favellas need these funds.
    Here is another example of having a President who stands for nothing he will for anything …he has no shame no pride.

  3. Mzambia wa Zamani – Here is govt of Lazy Lungu that gave away $17 million to HoneyBee for delivery nothing yet they are here begging for $75000 from another poor country which has been hit hard by covid-19.

  4. “Jonas said the donation of $75,000 by Brazil is a clear demonstration of continued healthy diplomatic ties and confidence donors have with the Zambian government.”

    The Brazilians are just laughing to themselves to the foooooolish African beggar with no pride….when I call Edgar Lungu by that name LAZY LUNGU this exactly what I mean, he is a workshy Chamwama bum who has never really worked hard in his life or travelled to understand cultures.
    Shame on you foooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Bwana Mukbwa will be like Dubai at this rate by August 2021 with such donations without any strings…Jonas will have his own flats and shopping malls

  7. It’s like the church receiving offering from a woman of low morals. Brazil has devastated by covid-19, what business have they do spend money abroad when their nationals are dying in thousands from the disease? Can you give them back their money?

  8. Covid in Brazil: Hunger worsens in city slums – By Mark Lowen, BBC News, São Paulo

    The queue snakes around the block and each day it gets longer: hungry residents of Heliopolis, São Paulo’s largest favela, waiting in line for the handout that will keep them going until the next morning.
    They are given a bowl of pasta with meat and a portion of rice, two packets of biscuits and a carton of milk, shared between a whole household and usually their only meal of the day. Before the pandemic, 300 people would queue up here. Now it is over 1,000, and the charity that runs it has 650 others across São Paulo.
    “The vast majority of people who live in the favelas work in the informal economy, as cleaners in homes or helping to bake cakes, so when businesses close or houses stop using them,…

  9. they feel the impact,” says Marcivan Barreto, the local co-ordinator.
    “You see people queuing up at 03:00 for food. I’m very worried that as the pandemic continues, a hungry father will start looting supermarkets. When you’re starving, despair hits.”

    BBC News 18/04/2021

  10. All weather partners, twalumba kapati. At this rate we would have vaccinated all our people before the f00lish upnd diasporans are vaccinated there abroad where they are considered second class citizens.

  11. Does Brazil know that our ministers are very
    Rich as $75000 would be useful to their country as here we are buying helicopters
    And we give 48 houses to state after no one
    Claiming ownership.

  12. @Tarino Orange that’s a very good point. Cognitive dissonance /hypocrisy is the ugly birth mark of Lungu’s GRZ.

  13. Yip. Brazil’s GDP is in trillions of USDs. $75k is exactly what they would give a country like ours that relies on running their affairs on nkongole and donations. Sometimes I am not sure what to think. Can we be grateful for these donations while saying “Thanks, but no thanks”??? Redirect it to — I don’t know — propping up Chawama house walls.

  14. This simply shows how bad things are in the country, a country struggling to come to our aid really! In Brazil things are really bad and it was just last week that their Bolsonaro was reaching to the US for aid, I wonder what kind of PR this is still. But for our govt to really need this sort of help, speaks volume for the state of affairs at the moment. It is like a patient trying to take of another patient which is not supposed to be the case!

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