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Police IG warns politicians against alarming the public

Headlines Police IG warns politicians against alarming the public

Inspector General (IG) of Police Kakoma Kanganja has advised politicians to be responsible as they conduct their political activities and avoid engaging in misconduct that may cause public disorder.

Mr. Kanganja has warned that his command will not tolerate irresponsible conduct which may bring about public disorder.

He said it must be understood that giving false information to a public officer is a prosecutable offence and anybody found wanting shall not be spared.

He explained that it is appalling that some politicians are using propaganda and falsehood to gain sympathy from the electorate as seen from the conduct of Mkushi North constituency, UPND aspiring candidate Topson Kunda who raised false alarm that he had been shot in the foot.

According to a press statement issued to the media by Mr. Kanganja, these allegations almost sparked protests in Itala compound.

He said on Thursday, 15th April, 2021 around 23:53 hours, Mr. Kunda gave false information to the police that he had been shot at whilst in Itala compound and had sent someone to report on his behalf to police while he remained in a motor vehicle which was parked at the police station.

“When some officers spotted him, they requested to see where the gun wound was as they could not spot any injury on his left foot. However, he was advised by police to get a medical report form for him to be attended to by health authorities but he turned down the advice stating that he could not be treated at a government hospital,” Mr. Kanganja explained.

He further explained that Mr. Kunda later became unruly and left after refusing to get a medical report form saying he would be attended to at a private health facility.

He said his conduct almost sparked riots among members of the public in Itala compound who were swayed into believing that the person in question was shot at when in-fact not.

Mr. Kanganja added that in the same vein, another falsehood was propelled that the police have plans to summon UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema which is far from the truth.

He said in instances where the police has intentions of summoning any person for any reason, they do so transparently as there is nothing to hide.

He added that anyone that will be found wanting for inciting the public through publication of falsehood or alarming statements will be dealt with in accordance with the law.


  1. Upnd is desperate for state house. The mood to change will tell, just now the mood hasn’t changed. Its PF and ECL.

  2. I agree ba inspector general. The behaviour exhibited by that Bush boys party hh was disgusting to say the least. It is a sign of his desperation and that he will be willing to put the security of this nation at risk when he loses again in August. Ba police am appealing to you to use whatever force there is to ensure the safety of the nation. We can’t have a situation where one tribal group is causing confusion for us all. For me I am ready to exercise my civic duty and beat and effect arrests on any upnd criminal caught causing problems.

  3. I am also pledging 3 of my personal cars to the police if they need them to ensure safety during elections. Do not be intimidated by those violent thugs in upnd. They all have small things between their legs and just yap alot

  4. I have just recieved a picture of hh on my WhatsApp. It shows him connected to tubes in a comatose condition. The man is not well. I am praying for his quick recovery. Yes I don’t agree with him on many things but the last thing I want is the death of a fellow zambian. I want to be able to meet him at the polls so that we win a fair and square competition.

    Let upnd come clean about his health so that we arrange a day of national prayer. Get well soon hh.

  5. Lungu and PF will not rest untill HH is dead……..

    They have tried to assassinate him many times , they have tried to implicate him many times…….

  6. Well, well well, sorry to learn that hh is unwell. We wish him a quick recovery.. We commit him into prayers.
    Get well soon hh.
    If it’s covid 19 just hold in there, you will pull through. I was once a patient for covid-19

  7. This senior PF cadre in uniform what is trying to say?

    You’re thw worst IG Zambia ever had.

    PF must go!

  8. UPND zealots can even cause Mwami 1 to start talking. Maybe his wife was nagging him ati bashi K, say something you’re the IG. We don’t opposition in Zambia

  9. This chap was given 6 months to reform the police …how many months are remaining? Really laughable….He is lucky the boss is inept and useless in State House. I just watch a Presidential Press Address by Malawian President …this man means serious business in his fight against corruption, he fires his minister and gives the reasons for doing it

  10. Idriss Déby, the disgusting veteran dictator president of Chad, is dead. He was shot dead “on the battlefield” while fighting rebels. Déby last week won a sixth term in presidential elections. Well, “Jameson Kachasu” Lungu beware, you illegally field yourself and you will end up like Idriss Déby, Africans must learn to listen, enough is enough!

  11. Well Mr. KZ, you say you received a photo on WhatsApp of HH in tubes. WHY ARE YOU NOT SHARING THIS “EVIDENCE”? Maybe because as usual you were not telling the TRUTH? Be a hero and show the picture. And otherwise SHUT UP

  12. Talking about politicians being alarmist….. WHY IS THE POLICE NOT ARRESTING KAIZAR ZULU, HE IS ALARMIST ALL DAY EVERY DAY

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