Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Luapula launches Covid vaccine Program


Luapula Province has received 15,200 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine under the Covax facility.

Chief Kasoma Lwela of Chembe District and Chief Chimense of Mansa District in Luapula Province who led the way in taking the vaccine commended Government for the Covid19 vaccine in the country.

The two Chiefs observed that the vaccine program will help save many lives in the country.

Chief Kasoma Lwela explained that it is better that people prevent themselves from Covid19 rather than waiting until they get sick.

He notes that the move by Government to roll out the vaccination Program across the country will help to reduce the impact of the virus in the country.

And Chief Chimense has urged other chiefs to join hands with the Ministry of Health in sensitizing the public on the Covid19 vaccine.

Chief Chimense observes that there are a lot of myths surrounding the vaccine which he said needs to be addressed.

He notes that most people are lacking information on the issue at hand, hence the need to intensify sensitizations so that those eligible can make informed decision and be vaccinated.

And Luapula Province Minister, Nickson Chilangwa who launched the Vaccination program in Luapula Province says the Covid19 Vaccine is safe.

The Provincial Minister indicates that Government allowed the AstraZeneca vaccine to come in the country as it knows that it is safe for its citizens.

Mr Chilangwa explains that Government will continue to put the interests of its citizens first even as it tries to deal with the issue of the Covid19 and that government will not allow anything which can be harmful to its citizens.

The Law Maker who was represented by the Deputy Permanent Secretary, Christopher Chibuye indicates that Government will continue putting up measures aimed at combating the spread of Covid19.

He disclosed that 25 centers across the Province have been identified for the vaccine administration and encouraged those eligible to turn out numbers to get the vaccine.

He notes that even as the Covid19 vaccine is voluntary those eligible should look at the benefits which comes with getting vaccinated as they make the decision to be vaccinated.

And Luapula Province Health Director, Peter Bwalya says those who are eligible to get the Covid19 vaccine should consider getting it.

Dr Bwalya observes that the benefits of getting the Covid19 vaccine outweighs the demerits which might come as a result of getting vaccinated.

The Provincial Health Director observes that the Covid19 vaccination Program will help the country reach head immunity which will help to contain the spread of the virus.


  1. How is this news …so when Katete announces launch program you will publish it after it receives donated vaccines next week.

  2. Why? There is no need for ‘the vaccine’. Also, don’t take the experimental mRNA injections from AstraZenica and Pfizer.

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