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Vote for ECL for continued development -Mundubile


Government Chief Whip Brian Mundubile has called on the electorate to vote for the ruling Patriotic Front for continued development throughout the country.

Mr. Mundubile notes that as Zambians vote back President Edgar Lungu into office, it is vital that they give his PF MPs especially in non-traditional PF strongholds in order to increase the numbers of representation at all levels of development.

Mr. Mundubile said this when a number of senior United Party for National Development (UPND) Members of Parliament and Council Chairpersons defected to the ruling Patriotic Front in Lusaka today.

Among those defected today include opposition UPND Solwezi West Member of Parliament Teddy Kasonso, Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Geoffrey Lungwangwa, Lufwanyama UPND Council Chairperson Moses Chiyuka, incumbent Lwampa Council Chairperson Victor Chibiya Maliti, Davies Chiko from Magoye, Sokontwe Ward Councillor Davies Sumaili.

He said it is evident that Councils will never be the same again because development has been hampered because the Councils have not been given the freedom and liberty to develop.

Mr. Mundubile further noted that whereas parliament is there to make progressive laws that respond to the aspirations of the Zambian people, some parties have acted in a manner that makes that extremely difficult to achieve.

“In the recent past we have experienced situations whereby progressive bills have been shot down. These are bills that were looking at interests of women, youths and the disabled including the disadvantaged people in society.

“ But because of not practicing objective politics, we saw these bills being shot down”, he explained.

He commended the Council Chairpersons that decided to ditch the opposition UPND because of not being happy that the constitutional amendment bill number ten was shot down by people that were enemies of development.

The Mporokoso law maker added that many constituencies in the country such as Malole, Kasempa, Chilubi among others still remain undeveloped due to some people who shot the progressive bill that would have brought about delimitation.

“Wise men and women today are unable to come to the Councils as Councilors and Council Chairpersons as well as Members of Parliament because we didn’t amend the constitution through the constitution amendment bill number ten to look at the Grade twelve story which is a very sad story”, he added.

Mr. Mundubile stated that it is very sad and unfortunate that even those people that fought so hard against the bill ten have also been affected currently.

The Lawmaker has since urged the newly defected people from the UPND to continue working hard for the Zambian people with patriotism, love and unity.


  1. Continued development? Oh, you mean the collapsed economy and the disastrous devaluation of the kwacha?

  2. “Vote for ECL for continued development”
    It seems we live in parallel universe.
    The Zambian economy is in ICU and people are living in abject poverty.
    What is he talking about.

  3. Good for chauvin. But I am concerned, so are you diasporans being killed there abroad because you are black. I am enjoying my freedom here in Zambia

  4. Continued development at what cost?It’s like
    We are building Zambia for donors as we will
    Continue paying for this development and
    Our grand grand children will never manage
    To pay back.

  5. What is your take about those defecting upnd at this hour, are you still seeing numbers increasing or reducing. Does mean these people leaving upnd have no eyes?
    We are winning team. PF is winning again.

  6. Lungu’s vote = continued increase in poverty rates,indebtedness ,more negative economic indicators and Kwacha devaluation.

  7. Where is the continued devt? Does Mandubile mean the dishing of money to buy votes? Is “Uubomba Mwibala Alya Mwibala ” devt? People are suffering with high cost of living and unaffordable basic foods. PF in 2016 promised People money in their pockets but People are broke,Angry and Hungry. ECL and PF have failed. Come August 12 let’s send them “ku wire” and try HH and UPND for a change. Bally will fix it.

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