Over 1000 new jobs created in first quarter

Zambia Development Agency
Zambia Development Agency

The Zambia Development Agency (c) has disclosed that government created more than 1000 jobs during first quarter OF 2021.

ZDA Policy and Research Manager, Stephen Chundama told ZANIS in an interview that 1,445 jobs have been created in this year’s first quarter representing an increase when compared to their target of 1,254.

He noted that among the sectors which presented the highest job creation was the agricultural sector with 668 jobs created.

He added that the manufacturing industry also created 216 jobs followed by other sectors.

Mr Chundama said the Government and the agency pays particular attention to empowering special groups which consist of vulnerable people in society by ensuring that they are taken care of.

He said most of these people are women and youths, and government has come up with empowerment programs to uplift the standards of these people in society.

“During this first quarter, 48 percent of male owned groups have been supported, followed by 28 percent of women groups while 24 percent presents the youths.

Our interventions also focuses on ensuring that these specific groups are well taken care and supported that’s why Government has embarked on different empowerment programs to enable these people earn a living,” he said.

He added that the agency provided business development services to a total of 1,075 Small Medium Enterprises (SMES) representing a 432 percent of their target.

He further said about 354 Small Medium Enterprises have benefited from these interventions.

Mr Chundama said in the provision of business intelligence and marketing formation 214 in total benefited under the program.


  1. Wow this government is a, joke , 1000 jobs in 3 months!

    This must be a serious joke of a century and we must be talking about 10000 in three months.

    We have currently 80000 unemployed teachers alone what about other professionals?

    This PF is gone!

  2. Just like U.S. Bureau Of Labour statistics periodically produces such stats, The Zambia bureau of statistics has risen to the occasion

    668 – Agilikacha
    217 – Manifakicha
    561 – azas

    What is missing is more finer details, but we I think are on the right track more so if we can release these number on a quarterly basis

  3. 1000, you mean ONE thousand? is that including nurses, doctors, teachers, game rangers etc? Are you PF retarded or what?

  4. 1000 jobs ???

    The whole lungu GRZ creating same number of jobs as HH creates ????

    You are a joke of a government

  5. A lot of f00ls here. A country with a population of only 16 millioncreates a 1000 jobs in 3 monthe and you say ny0

  6. One thousand jobs created, okay for the sake of things let’s believe it for once. But how many redundancies in the same period? Maybe TEN TIMES as much? Good job! NOT!

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