A Direct Response to Field Ruwe’s Write Up on Dr. Nevers Mumba

Nevers Mumba
Lusaka High Court Judge Sharon Newa has declared Nevers Mumba the dully elected President of the opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy.
By Rev. Walter Mwambazi
So, today I read an article written by the renowned writer on his series he calls
“Convicts and Frauds”. I would not have responded under ordinary circumstances but then, with what I know about Dr. Mumba and this write up, it cannot go unanswered.
The write up featured yesterday in the Lusaka Times under the above mentioned title and is a series in which he has been reviewing the various candidates for the upcoming elections in August. As is already known, Dr. Nevers Mumba is standing as the New Hope MMD candidate for the coming elections.
Unfortunately, as he wrote his article, he applied the classic strategy of misinformation which is a renowned system used to push “lies” coated with “truth”. This is part of the many ways used by various groups to discredit another. In this case the lies were hidden by a clever opening in which some truth was mentioned here and there but then, no matter how good medicine may be, if it contains 1% strychnine it is still poisonous and will kill a man!
This is the case with Mr. Ruwe’s article and so let me set the record straight…

Prosperity Gospel

Anyone who watched “Zambia Shall Be Saved” for all those years we did know for a fact that Dr. Mumba has never preached a prosperity message, not as far as I have known him. He is personal friends with many so called prosperity teachers, but he has never espoused the doctrine at all. Instead I have known him as a “fire and brimstone” preacher that preaches the classic gospel of sin and repentance!
So, I do not know where Mr. Ruwe got this one from – it is an untruth

Vice Presidency

It was not “out of the blues” that Dr. Mumba became vice-president but as a result of a track record that began with his stance against the corruption that was evident during the Chiluba regime in the late 90s. As everyone knows, he first formed the National Citizen’s Coalition whose aim was to provide a platform to counter the toxicity that was becoming obvious. This had to be changed to a political party because those in charge wanted it that way and pressured this move.
So, when Mwanawasa become president, many talks and conversations took place between the two and many who brokered the deal. Mwanawasa is on record indicating that he was very happy with the choice and wanted to leave the party and presidency in the hands of Dr. Mumba and would only run one term.

Outshining President Mwanawasa

Again, this is an untruth. Everything that Dr. Mumba did was sanctioned by President Mwanawasa and again, this is on record. It is unfortunate that from the day that Dr. Mumba became Veep, there were some within the corridors of power that did not like this and so worked tirelessly to have him removed.
The long and short of it is that this plan worked. So, Dr. Mumba was relieved of his duties. However, many do not know that Mwanawasa and Dr. Mumba reconciled later on.

Abuse of Authority Charges in Canada

I am very surprised that a journalist of Field Ruwe’s caliber would openly lie. This case was handled in court and a judgment is on record in the courts of Zambia exonerating Dr. Mumba from all charges. There was no fraud committed and was an attempt at the time to discredit Dr. Mumba and the MMD seeing that they had exited from power. It took Dr. Mumba and his lawyers 7 years to be cleared.
In short, he was not found guilty.
Now Mr. Ruwe writes as if Dr. Mumba is guilty. That is not expected from a man of his standing and stating such untruths in the media may lead to libel in the form of defamation of character by lying so brazenly. So, let it be on record, Dr. Mumba won the case.


Field Ruwe states that he does his homework but then I honestly wonder which homework he did when it comes to Dr. Mumba choosing to state untruths “ad hominem”. At least let him do proper research before writing these things.
I can only imagine where his series will lead and who he shall finally be endorsing, which for me shall prove the aim of writing such lies in the first place.


  1. Don’t defend others Bwana. Nervers Sekwila Mumba is so eloquent that he doesn’t need any spin doctor. Ku chibolya takubula mukaya. There are many people surviving today that have seen Nervers from his youth and how he overtook the preferred translator (name withheld) to Pastor Bonke. Nervers was also the Chairman and spokesperson of the coalition of opposition political Parties at the time LPM appointed him VP, and he was nearly impeached for that. MCS referred to him as Judas Iscariot when he got that appointment. There are many who served under him when he was resident at Government House. So, sometimes it’s better not to say anything

  2. This Reverend is a liar! Has he forgotten this headline ‘Nevers Mumba found guilty of Abuse of Office, but Escapes Jail Time’, that was carried by LT in September 2018? He clearly does not know this crooked Pastor.

  3. I would mention that Dr Ruwe’s writings are more satirical than anything else .You will do well to treat them with a bit of humor and truth .

  4. I have no problems with Nevers Mumba but to be handpicked and be a Vice President by President Mwanawasa is not an achievement on any given day. Vice Presidents job is purely ceremonial, that is why every day you hear the name of Edgar Chagwa Lungu in all speeches and never Inonge Wina, the Vice President . I don’t believe that one should be chosen as President sorely on the ground that one was a Vice President. What would matter would be personal initiatives one had put up whilst being vice president with tangible results well itemized and shown to us and approved by those who were there as witnesses.

  5. Dr. Field Ruwe is writing for the voiceless. Who and where are they? What is the motive for writing such articles? Is this a reborn of Stand Up For Zambia?
    He sounds more like a politician than a scribe bent on soiling other contestants’ diapers. There is no satire in what he writes except malice.

  6. As expected reverends will come swinging in defence of their partner in crime. First in the case of Nevers Mumba being innocent, Dr. Field Ruwe quotes ZNBC. In addition there are numerous media outlets that state the same: Nevers Mumba was found guilty but let free. As for prosperity theology, any preaching outside the tradition Catholic and Protestant borders on prosperity gospel. The ultimate is wealth. That’s what is happening in Zambia today. Reaping off the poor of their hard earn money. Regarding his sacking as VP. The Press Release on the day he was fired points to insurbordination. The story behind his sacking is well known to every Zambia. Rev. Mwambazi all the points you have raise can easily be debunked. Dr. Ruwe is on point, and you are very off point.

  7. Being Vice President just implies one understands government operations better, that’s all and nothing else, but we have people like Donald Trump who had never been in government before not even having been a councilor but putting up the best economy America has ever had, had it not been for Covid, the guy would still have gone through. Titles may just be titles at the end of the day. I have heard Dr Mumba time and again saying I was Vice President so I should be considered for Presidency, it never works that way

  8. The way he boasts that he was once a Vice President, it’s like someone telling you that he was once an orgasm so he understands how to induce happiness through that ticklish sensation. Nervers Sekwila Mumba kuwayawaya fye

  9. I used to live in a house neighbouring Nevers Mumba in Makeni many years ago. And I suffered badly, because the Mwanawasa government cut off the electricity to Mumba’s house every night at 18:00 until midnight because they hated him so much, and my house was on the same line so I was in the dark as well! I have never forgiven him!

  10. Nevers Mumba has never preached prosperity theory?? Man you can’t even say that to a newly born
    Please don’t waste time trying to defend the obvious just so you wear shoes from the same shop

  11. @Mulongoti Machayi,
    I cannot agree with you more with your description of Ruwe as someone who “sounds more like a politician than a scribe bent on soiling other contestants’ diapers. There is no satire in what he writes except malice.” It will be very clear at the end of his so-called series as to where he stands. Wait to read what he will say about the top two contenders for the coveted top job. That is when people will know what type of scribe he is. I just wonder about the source of his malice for the manner he characterizes political contestants. Ruwe is just too personal and needs to raise his standard of writing by being less personal and focus more on issues.

  12. Field Ruwe is not a writer and it took him 8 years to finish Doctor of Education, practitioner doctorate in education when he was not in education. That is really dumb as he cannot relate any experience to education or teaching. He struggled to write his dissertation. He is seriously a failure as he hangs his doctorate on the walls of his apartment, not his house or his office. Renowned writer? Renowned by who? He thought the dumb Zambian audience of his radio rants will catch fire in the US. It caught ocean water and cold snow. He writes in Zambia, but not the US. Why? The answer tells you all.

  13. Someone is triggered by Field Ruwe’s satire article…this man Walter Mwambazi is blindly defending his friend Mumba I mean where was he cleared in that case…he was convicted by the Lusaka Magistrates Court on three counts of abuse of authority of office but has been granted an absolute discharge on mitigation. Go and look at the details of the charges and see how your friend was misappropriating funds at the embassy. An absolute discharge is an unconditional discharge whereby the court finds that a crime has technically been committed but that any punishment of the defendant would be inappropriate and the case is closed.
    This man also carefully ignores the fact that Mumba was sentenced again for false pretences but again escaped due to him being a former Veep

  14. Lungu Nipompwe – Really laughable ….how can he be a serious failure if he completed his doctorate? At least his certificate is hang proudly somewhere…

  15. @Lungu Nipompwe , look at you….At least he has a PHD. PHD is hard work which takes long to achieve. I bet YOU DONT EVEN HAVE A G12 …kikikikiki ..UNMASK and tell us your credentials…Same applies to FAKE KZ….Always hallucinating

  16. Who doesn’t know that ka Ruwe is UPND. Waiting To see praises he will sing about the cult leader st. HHH the high priest of Privatization and the ? poop he will leave in the Queens toilet about the little thief from Chawama.

  17. Never trust a political charlatan from Chinsali. He stole property from our mission in Ottawa and he was found guity. Levy fired the ***** for almost stirring up war with Congo without any basis. He is a loose canoon, all he wants from power is “kulimonesha ta” the fool has zero intellectauil ability, just a big loud kamulomo!

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