Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Govt. to construct mini hospital in Chiawa


Kafue District Commissioner (DC), Gibson Sinkala says government remains committed towards provision of quality health services to the citizenry.

Mr Sinkala said government has demonstrated its commitment through construction of the many hospitals country wide.

ZANIS reports that Mr Sinkala said this after he toured the site where a mini hospital will be constructed in Chiawa.

Meanwhile, Mr Sinkala said government is also working on a number of roads in the area.

He said the Chiawa- Mugulamano and Kabwadu-Chiawa roads are some of the roads that are being worked on.

And Suscon Construction Solution Limited Site Manager, Gilead Mwenya said his company will construct about 108 mini hospitals across the country.

He said the company has so far constructed 83 mini hospitals in selected districts.

Meanwhile, Chiawa Ward Councilor, Joseph Katiwa commended government for the many developmental projects taking place in the ward.

Mr. Katiwa said the people of Chiawa are grateful to government for the construction of the mini hospital and roads in the area.


  1. Yes this is good work. I will give compliments when they’re due. Question: will there be any doctors and nurses and medicines when the ribbon is cut? So far there are many certified doctors and nurses without a job because government rather gives money to criminal cadres than doctors!

  2. Really laughable …they will start digging the foundation put a slab by August then abandon the works, people should be clued up with Lazy Lungu’s visionless games. Mini clinics are being constructed by Indians as for this Suscon Construction Solution Limited they are a roofing contractor

  3. LalaEng – You have a brain but have missed a great opportunity to show us what substance is in it….really laughable …you access all these websites with your smartphones but do not know how to make use of them.

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