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President Lungu is a man of his own word – Nsoneka


Muchinga Province Minister Malozo Sichone has thanked President Lungu for fulfilling his pledge to empower the traditional leadership with bicycles to ease their movement.

Mr Sichone said the gesture demonstrates that President Lungu does not promise what he cannot fulfil adding that this is evident by the number empowerment programmes the PF government has been implementing since it ascended to power .

” These employment programs will continue to be implemented in all corners of the country, Muchinga Province inclusive,” Mr Sichone said.

ZANIS reports that the minister was speaking during the launch of bicycle distribution to village headmen in Muchinga Province held at Chinsali’s president park today.

Mr Sichone stated that the President has placed high priority in working with the traditional leaders who are key partners to the development agenda of the country.

Mr Sichone reminded the beneficiaries of the empowerment to put the bicycles to good use in order to improve service delivery in various catchment areas.

And Edgar Chagwa Lungu Multipurpose Empowerment Cooperative (ECLMPEC) Muchinga Province Coordinator Isaac Nsoneka said each constituency in Muchinga province will receive 250 bicycles under the initiative programme.

Mr Nsoneka said the empowerment is in a bid to facilitate the headmen’s mobility adding that President Lungu is a man of his own words hence the fulfillment of his promise he made last year to the village headmen.

The Coordinator said the head of state is a President for all and desires to reach to everyone in all parts of the country.

Speaking on behalf of Senior Chief Nkula ,Chief Nkweto of the Bemba people of Chinsali said the traditional leadership is appreciative of the many empowerment programmes that the province has been receiving.

The traditional leader thanked the President for the gesture and the many developmental projects taking place in Muchinga.


  1. Indeed, president Lungu is a man of his own word. And the word is CORRUPT. Corrupt to the core. So much so that he doesn’t even know the difference anymore between right and wrong. So much so that he is proud of his achievement in stealing the country blind!

  2. Mmmmmmm. If he was a word that acts deligently could Zambia be where it is today? Yes indeed he is a man of his word and has brought us this far with few selfish, tribalists, corrupt theiving, violence and divide and rule leadership where Nawakwi could openly harm HH for nothing.

  3. How did the thieves capture Sata’s PF?

  4. Happy to get bicycles while inflation,Kwacha value ,debts & poverty skyrocket is akin to a teen girl happy to get a soda so as to be molested.

  5. “More money in your pockets” the PF promise made in 2011 has been turned on its head by Lungu.Now its more poverty in Zambian lives.

  6. Man of his words indeed. 500,000 jobs created and no youth is languishing without a job. ECL is a great fighter. He turned fire trucks valued less $70,000 into $1 million one. Sadly we were buying those trucks, not selling. He confused the transaction. He is really a man of his words. That’s why the commission for gassing is still on his desk. He is looking for his words. The BIGGEST of his words, “I have no vision”, and for sure he fulfilled his words. He has no vision.

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