Thursday, July 25, 2024

ZCCM-IH advised to take good care of miners


National Union for Miners and Allied Workers ( NMAWU ) has appealed to Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings (ZCCM-IH), new owners of Mopani Copper Mine, to ensure that it takes a good care of the mine employees when operations of the company resumes.

ZANIS reports that NMAWU president James Chansa in an interview in Ndola today said that ZCCM-IH as the new mine owners need to realize that workers are key in operations of the mine hence the need for them to look into the plight of the employees.

“The mining sector can only improve if the workers are taken care of by giving them incentives such as increased salaries and allowances,” he said.

Mr. Chansa also echoed on the need for MCM to quickly give miners their terminal benefits.

He added that miners are eager to get their benefits as MCM resumes its operations as soon as ZCCM-IH finds partners to work with.

He observed that although MCM is fully owned by Zambia, miners need to be paid their dues urgently.

Mr. Chansa has since called on all mining companies in the country to start doing more corporate social responsibilities (CSR ) following the rise in Copper prices on the international market.

Communities where mines operate from can only benefit from the country`s minerals if companies give back to the community through working on some developmental projects such roads, he said.

Government, recently completed the 100% acquisition of Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) following its negotiations with Glencore Corporation.

In April 2020, Glencore Corporation had announced its intention to place the mine under care and maintenance sighting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and low copper prices.

However, this was rebutted by Government because it would have resulted in the loss of employment for 15,000 employees.


  1. How can you trust ZCCM-IH to take good care of miners, when it is 100% government owned, the same government that doesn’t pay doctors, doesn’t pay retirees, doesn’t pay the Eurobonds that it owes, doesn’t pay any Zesco bills, doesn’t pay anything that it just doesn’t want to pay. It only pays itself and the criminal PF cadres!

  2. You are advising the wrong people …its State House you should be telling this as that lazy man handpicks his corrupt stooges to run affairs

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