Friday, June 14, 2024

LCC ‘ switches off’ robots at Great East and Lufubu Roads


The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has switched off traffic lights at Great East and Lufubu roads’ Great East and Lufubu roads.

The move has been necessitated to mitigate the traffic build up that has been observed at the junction during peak hours and the right turn into East Park Mall has been closed to ensure safety of road users.

LCC Assistant Public Relations Manager Thelma Mbewe highlights in a statement obtained by ZANIS that the measures have been put in place to the smooth flow of traffic following the newly constructed Arcades fly over bridge constructed under the Lusaka Decongestion Project.

“Motorists coming from the western direction heading east that want to access the mall should do so from the Arcades traffic circle,” she said.

She added that the authority has a mandate to maintain safety of the general public adding that all abide by the set road rules.


  1. Lusakatimes it’s not robot nayimwe hahaha stop embarrassing our country. That’s a traffic light. Great infrastructure development by the pf. My business partners in diaspora are dying to invest in Zambia while the toilet cleaning upnd diasporans continue criticism

  2. And that childish boy of a Mayor Miles Sampa believed the contractor when he told him that its was a common problem….Sampa being the fooool he is rushed to post on his page and made a tit of himself. We are going to pay over $200 million for these shabby works to the Indians …what a waste of resources…very shameful.

  3. That is what happens when you contract out works to pf cadres who do not have a clue carrying without carrying such works. the first thing you do is to carry out a Traffic Survey on a particular road/route at different times of the day eg rush hour and non rush hour over period of time, say a month. This helps determine the asset you would install this cold be traffic lights or round about. Nomba abakulyamo bafula

  4. ZebS – These guys have been cutting corners with the works and bill of quantities going for the cheapest specification possible…not incorporating any value management or at least value engineering in some works packages. They did the same with KKIA trimmed some sections s they could pocket some of the money loaned to them. Its laughable that the so called Decongestion Project has now become a Congestion Project can not have a police officers directing traffic everyday in 2021 when you have spent $200m on a project. Its an utter disgrace…this is why I laugh when I saw the PF manifesto.

  5. It’s the busses at the bustop causing the congestion. Move the bus station or create more room for it. Fine the bus drivers taking up the right lane and those blocking the turn into Kalundu.
    Also close off the byroad for traffic on the Kalundu side.
    Just observe it’s not complicated to see what is causing the chaos and congestion at the intersection by east park.

  6. Lcc need to switch off most new traffic lights as they are not synchronised properly and have created more traffic instead. The traffic controllers working for afcons were more efficient than these new traffic lights and ZP traffic dept. Just look at the traffic the new traffic lights have created at Burma road and independence avenue. Also opposite freedom statue. Come on, lets get serious for once!

  7. It’s amazing to see the calibre of our planers and engineers. Even a 10 year old of today could tell that wasn’t the way to go.
    Next closing off the turn from independence avenue to the Kamwala shopping area

  8. What is wrong with robot? Africans! You just want to imitate. If the British tell you its a robot you call it robot. An American comes and tells you we call it traffic light you change. Stick to how you know it. Its a robot. Thats what English by the coloniser says. Its a roundabout not a traffic circle as the Americans would like you to call it. From someone who doesnt want diasporans its a dissappointment this Monkey see Monkey do attitude

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