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Edith Nawakwi rubbishes claims by the Hatembos that she wants to Kill them


Forum for Democracy and Development President Edith Nawakwi insists that United Party For National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema is hiding the Pheluna and Milton Hatembo in his house.

Ms. Nawakwi said that Mr. Hichilema knows that what he did was evil and it might dent his political career hence hiding them at his place.

Speaking in an interview today, ms Nawakwi said that Mr. Hichilema and his minions are now forcing the Hatembos to accuse her of having plans to kill them that is why they are in hiding when in fact not.

The FDD leader said that she has nothing to do with the Hatembos but it is Mr. Hichilema who has done evil against the innocent people.

“See what is happening, they have now captured them in the video saying ill about me. They were being told what to say by Hichilema and his minions who are hiding them.

See how they are looking, so vulnerable. They were pushed into the wall when talking. You even tell that these people are not in safe hands,” she said.

The video has gone viral where the Hatembos are accusing Ms. Nawakwi of having plans to kill them. They said that they are hiding and suffering because they are scared of Ms. Nawakwi.

But Ms. Nawakwi rubbished the claims, saying it is Mr. Hichilema who is pushing the agenda of showing that she is evil when not.

“If these people are safe why are they keeping them in Hakainde Hichilema’s house. There is something fishy. Hakainde Hichilema is evil and all that is doing will haunt him,” Ms. Nawakwi says.

Ms Nawakwi has since appealed to the police to ensure that this matter is expedited so those found wanting are arrested.


  1. Hmmm. Awe nafilwa ine. I think wisdom will have us believe those Hatembos over you. I personally didn’t see what you’re claiming in that video. And you’re the one who is suspiciously obsessed with this issue. I think our government should look into you also.

  2. She confessed to keeping Hatembo’s children at her home. Have the police question her as to the circumstances under which she got the children and is keeping them?

  3. The issue here is how did the farm that belonged to the Zambian government through Lima Bank end up in the hands of this family and then continently end up back into the hands of the very person tasked to liquidating Lima Bank? It appears they just held on to the asset to avoid the liquidator drawing attention to himself and when enough time had passed repossessed the same property without payment to the custodians. It’s easy to follow a money trail and assignments of property. Once these two are in the police’s hands these mysteries can be unveiled.

  4. Nawakwi’s interest in the issue is interesting. I don’t know all the facts so I cannot say anything further. One day all the facts will come to light. I hope no-one gets hurt or disappears for good by the time all the facts are brought to light.

  5. Hopefully the police can take interest in this video and revelations. They arrest those mentioned and take them in the middle of the night to choma and be interrogated.

  6. Madam Nawakwi just take it easy with your
    Hate for HH.The case is in court as the accused will appear so why are you panicking?leave it in the hands of court.Start
    Your preparation to join PF as FDD is just a

  7. This woman is wicked …this is the woman whose daughter Hatamba Hambulo, was found murdered on a Tuesday night and her body dumped in a manhole with her hands and legs tied back in 2013. She is a shameless old witch who would do anything to get your property…I feel for Lazy Lungu if he appointed her as Veep as he would never see Christmas 2022 if he ever won the elections.

  8. Koma yea,very silly video. Who “published”this video? And why are the Hatembo’s Hiding? Triple H is the devil incarnate. His footprints are allover this. Disgusting chap. And by the way,isn’t Nawakwi married to a Mr.hatembo?

  9. It sad to see Nawakwi reduced to doing the dirty work for PF, I admired her as a Finance Minister and leader of FDD. If PF loses she is finished.

  10. The Hatembo siblings are sacrificial lambs.
    They are ponies in the game of chess where Nawakwi is Queen and Hichilema is King. The Rooks are the Livingstone and Choma police, while the Knights are Mweetwa and Sejani. I doubt whether we have Bishops from the church owing to the loud deafening silece from the clergy. Soon it will be checkmate, but I can’t comprehend the winner yet.

  11. The big questions still remains, that Edith Nawakwi and the state should respond to immediately:

    1). In which capacity is Edith keeping the Hatembos children?;

    2). Did Edith abduct the Hatembos children and

    3). Why has the state been mute about this illegal detention of the Hatembos children by Edith?

    We need answers from the state and Edith ASAP regarding what I can term an abduction of the Hatembos children.

  12. All this nonsense is aimed at derailing HH’S time so that he does not concentrate with campaigns but this ***** of a woman must know that days are numbered.This ***** wants HH to go to the police station having known in mind that he will be accompanied by the supporters who will be shot at so that they can start blaming HH for nothing.Let her fungal danana be.
    HH is a very intelligent and smart man coz he read all your plans.

  13. This hate for HH by Edith is just too difficult to comprehend.

    Did anything happen between HH and Edith whilst at the University that has led to Edith to hate him this much, or it’s out of jealousy on the part of Edith that her then colleague has done better than her in biz as well as in family matters?

    Maybe balimukene Edith so ni revenge.

  14. In the video, they both looked dead scared to fight a political battles for others. UPND has taken the ISIS counter accusation version of guerilla war propaganda of video postings with sheer wanton revenge by intimating that the family is running away from Nawakwi’s supposed death threats. Aren’t the Hatembos supposed to be running away from HH. When did HH become their sweetheart? How does someone who wants to sue you suddenly becomes your darling?

  15. There is no point in Edith Nawakwi to hold the Hatembos. Intact she wants them to sue HH by appealing the earlier court case which Hakainde won. If HH has nothing to hide why can’t he let the Hatembo family appeal? Cornelius Mweetwa told the world he is protecting them at an unknown place. So it is UPND who are keeping the Hatembos, not Nawakwi. The video is aimed at implicating Nawakwi in the web spun by HH and UPND propaganda machinery.

  16. In my opinion, Nawakwi is not alone in this issue.She is used by PF. In all she must be summoned and be arrested.
    Another case is abduction of the Hatembo and Phelunah family by openly saying she is taking care of them. The two have extended families who are able to take care of these families. What connection has she to them?

  17. Looks like the hatembos have chosen kinship over a corrupt dirty game of vengeance by lungu trying to dig and make 20 year dirt on HH………

    The hatembos can’t go to the police , the police are mostly PF caders , those that dare venture on a professional path are sacked…….

  18. Nawakwi is a typical Zambian politician: ONLY interested in background lies and innuendo. Have you EVER heard her say anything on what ordinary Zambians are worrying about? Like price increases, kwacha devaluation, loadshedding, PF corruption? No we have not!

  19. The video is evidence enough to at least question Nawakwi on the Hatembos allegations but the police haven’t even summoned her once. Meanwhile they are locking up people for 3 weeks without charge.

  20. Politics can really blind even the most educated. Between Nawakwi and HH one is telling lies. These Hatembos can run to the police for help. Where are they hiding and why? In the video they looked like they were acting. For sure wherever they are hiding there is at least one more person, the video grapher. The sister wants to speak in English but the brother ask her to speak in Tonga, perhaps to appeal to a certain group – those who understand Tonga. Why? But Why? Nawakwi has declared that he wants to use the Hatembos to pin down HH. We are yet the use of the Hatembo from the other side. Surely, whatever side one wants to take, these two have been reduced to pawns in a game of chess. Their immediate family members have no value to the manipulators.

  21. This noisemaker is saying “..that United Party For National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema is hiding the Pheluna and Milton Hatembo in his house.”
    DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEHIND THIS? Correct, this is an attempt to INCITE the Police to storm Hakainde`s house. That’s the game being played here between Nawakwi and ……
    This is coming.

  22. Hh is now panicking and desperate and using his money to buy off vulnerable poor souls like the hatembos. Very sad to see a monster who will go to whatever lengths to get his way. It is a psychopath behaviour. They will learn the hard way when the same hh uses and dumps them. Ask all the former high officials of upnd. Ask kakoma and others. Now fuk 0ff

  23. With the Hatembos speaking up, someone might lose more MPs and high ranking officials it seems. Interesting politics in Zambia kikiki. Mama Nawakwi is probably the last remaining top ranking opposition female presidents. No other women have mettle in Zambia kikikiki.

  24. Nzelu – You mettle that gets reignited every election time for a small handsome fee…really laughable…this woman would sell her children plus throw in her mother for free to the wolves for a political position and relevance!!

  25. This woman is going nuts, she says ““If these people are safe why are they keeping them in Hakainde Hichilema’s house. There is something fishy”
    The question is how does she know HH is keeping them? Let her come out clear on this one, we have had too much misinformation from her. It is well known that, any small mistake HH may commit, the police are yearning to arrest HH and that he would be the last person to keep these guys at his place. Clearly Nawakwi is just going too far with her hatred of HH. It is not hard to see through her thinking whose purpose is to ignite a search at HH’s house and arrest him.

  26. If Edith Nawakwi really wants to help the Hatembo children, wht has she done for the helpless and autistic Hatembo child who’s dumb and deaf? Is he or she also under the care of Ms Nawakwi?

  27. The George Floyd trial went the way it did largely due to video evidence. We must collect as much evidence of these on tape as we possibly can. It will depend on whether the Hatembo’s claim they were coerced or not. Admit that as evidence in court.

  28. I used to smoke weed but I quit because I was not good for my health and I would advise Nawakwi to do the same if smokes as well.

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