Politicians asked to denounce hate speech

Women form the United Church of Zambia going to pay their last respect to the late president Michael Sata

The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) has called on political players to denounce politics of hate and violence ahead of the August 12, general elections.

UCZ Muchinga Presbytery Bishop Festus Chulu reminded political leaders that winning an election should not be a desperate task adding that leadership comes from God.

Bishop Chulu explained that people should not be using hate speech in their quest to get leadership positions.

He explained that leadership should be about selling practical ideas and programmes that can improve the lives and wellbeing of electorates.

The clergyman has further called on Christians to pray for both the church and political leaders.

He said both the clergy and politicians are all called to lead people despite using different platforms.

“Both the clergy and politicians are called to be leaders and servants of the people and we should always remember to pray for them,” he said.

Bishop Chulu said this at St. Paul’s congregation in Kasama during the induction service of Bishop Maybin Mulenga for his second term as Northern Presbytery Bishop.

Meanwhile, Kasama District Commissioner Kelly Kashiwa expressed happiness that the UCZ has continued to preach and promote peace and unity in the nation through its teachings.

Mr. Kashiwa said the church has a big responsibility to unite the people especially now that the country is going towards the polls.

“The church should be in the forefront and condemn all forms of political violence, hate speech and slander,” he said.

And Mr. Kashiwa explained that government is proud to work with the United Church in Zambia because of its positive contribution towards human development.

The District Commissioner noted that the church has played a critical role in the country’s political history adding that government cherishes this partnership.

Mr. Kashiwa used the opportunity to call on Zambians to promote love and unity at all times.


  1. The churches should stay out of politics, after all president Lungu doesn’t adhere to even one of the ten commandments!

  2. We cannot listen to UCZ anymore as they have shown that they are biased going by what their luanshya branch said.

  3. We all know that where upnd members are, there ends up violence taking place. So what does that say about those chlkambas in upnd.

  4. A few bad eggs are tarnishing UCZ. Well meaning members need to stand up and speak the truth, our accountability is to the Lord and no a government

  5. If leadership was by the will of God, why is there so much misery in Africa? This is a simplistic explanation by Rev Chulu, a product of a mind that is unwilling to search for answers to humanity’s challenges but waits for solutions to appear from somewhere somehow.

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