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UPND lawyers to drag Nawakwi to court over contempt


The UPND through its legal committee intends to institute legal proceedings against opposition FDD President Edith Nawakwi for her continued slanderous accusations against the party’s leader Hakainde Hichilema.

During a Press briefing on Thursday, UPND Chairman for Legal and Constitutional Affairs Jack Mwiimbu says legal representatives of Mr Hichilema cannot sit idle and watch as Ms Nawakwi continue to issue vexatious, defamatory and inflammatory statements against our client.

“We have noted that she has been endowed with authority and audacity to go through private files of individuals which is against the law. We have responded to her challenge and ready to meet her in court where she will exculpate herself. She made desperaging remarks against my colleague who was representing Pheluna Hatembo. We are now ready to meet in court,” said Mr Mwiimbu.

He warned Ms Nawakwi to be weary of issuing statements that have the potential to injure the political feelings of Zambians saying the huge support base which the UPND leader is enjoying locally and internationally will nolonger tolerate her behaviour.

“Her motivation is that she doesn’t want Mr Hichilema to be President of this country. Her statements are hurtful and contemptuous,” he added.

And Marshal Muchende of M Associates has challenged the media in the country to advocate for political and civil rights as enshrined in the Zambian Constitution adding that the Police should immediately stop brutalising citizens.

On Ms. Nawakwi’s utterances, Mr. Muchende said the FDD leader was supposed to be ashamed for causing the death of Nsama Nsama and Joseph Kaunda who were both gunned down on 23rd December, 2020 when Mr. Hichilema appeared at Police Force Headquarters over the Kalomo Farm.


  1. Nawakwi is being used by ECL to tarnish the image of HH and UPND. The popular HH is a threat to ECL in August 12,2021 Elections . ECL knows that with HH on the Ballot Paper he is unlikely to garner the required 50%+1 vote threshold. The Plan is therefore to block HH from filing his Nomination Papers and thereby eliminating him from the Presidential Race. Nawakwi’s antics will not stop HH from filing his Nomination Papers. Concerned Zambians and the UPND Family will ensure that HH’s Name is on the 2021 Ballot Paper. The writing is on the wall.

  2. She was served with $3m threat. She is still talking …what have you done about that threat? You are now threatening her with another threat?
    I am beginning to think this Nawakwi knows something we do not know. May be we should start taking her seriously. kaya!!!

  3. Lots of you have been complaining about ECL leadership and saying Zambians did not do enough scrutiny of ECL. Now here Nawakwi is telling us there is something about HH which Zambians should know before we elect him . Instead of supporting her in the process of ensuring we get a clean person to state house , she is being threatened and being insulted. Then 2021 August you will say we did not HH???

  4. So this gentleman isn’t just a pension thief, he’s also a land thief? My goodness! Who’d even support such a person?

  5. Checks and balances should not only be on the government. They should apply to any one vying for political leadership. That is what Nawakwi is trying to teach us. Lets not wait until one is in already in leadership. Its too late.

  6. Zambians , lets listen to Nawakwi. She is being insulted and being called all sorts of names on social media by lots of people She literally has been undressed in public. I have not heard her utter any of those kind of insults being thrown at her. She is just raining issues against HH as a potential presidential candidate. Just the same way others are raising issues against Kambwili now and even Edgar Lungu. Let the debate flow ……

  7. Mwimbu is trying to use the law of contempt to gag Nawakwi. When UPND speak out against PF leaders, it is okay. But when someone speaks out against HH, it is not okay. Where is the freedom of expression that UPND and their surrogates speak about?

  8. Lol, when you continuously fail to address facts presented against your leader and resort to threats of law suits.
    UPND supporters are as bad as PF, even the educated ones like lawyer Mwiimbu and Mweetwa. Mweetwa was alleging some PF ministers tried to bribe him, he was challenged to present evidence but still hasn’t shown any.
    Nawakwi has already been sued, she keeps talking and wants the matter to be exposed in court, why threaten her with another law suit?
    Address her facts. And where is HH?

  9. Nawakwi will be delighted with the lawsuit: more attention, more publicity, and the court case will probably never even be served.

  10. MCS told you under 5…calculator board room politician…you didnt take him seriously….a person worth his salt doesnt threaten he acts…its like a toothless dog chasing you want can it to but soothe you once it catches up with you….you will lose again…you know it..so continue throwing your money in law suits…..and please as you recover in RSA you have given us an insight on how you would operate should your great leader fall ill in plot one…We didnt see the face book leader ‘drive’ to wish KK a happy birthday this year…and you still say he is very fit…..pompwe

  11. This lady has some force supporting her so
    It’s very difficult for you to sue her.In short
    You have tried in the past but nothing has
    Worked.She knows that she is untouchable.
    Good luck but I doubt if you will achieve anything.

  12. That is the way to go,she challenged you to take her to court.Prepare yourself adquately.Nawakwi is very confident,tamwa mufwike amala ya mbushi.

  13. Nawakwi should know where to report criminal offences. Press conferences for the public gallery are just meant to politically dent the image of her perceived enemy HH. When Nawakwi organizes press conferences to report what she claims are crimes committed by HH, her aim is to dent the image of HH with the public. Nawakwi and those who believe what Nawakwi does should not complain when supporters of HH react to her allegations in social media with insults and other threats. UPND supporters will also dent Nawakwi’s image through social media for the public to know what motivates Nawakwi in this case apart from taking appropriate legal actions against Nawakwi.

  14. Moto, let him go ahead. We need enough cases which will demonstrate if indeed the Judiciary is still independent. UPND shows that they still respect the governance and judiciary institutions. The moment the opposition loses trust in these governance institutions, chaos will take over in the country.

  15. Nawakwi thinks the corrupt PF police and judges will be there forever to protect her.
    On August 12 , that protection will disappear .She will be alone and the world will collapse on her.

  16. Nawakwi has no locus standi, is a purchased commodity and has no proper evidence of any criminality. HH is not obliged to waste his time responding to her directly. He has done that before and she hasn’t stopped yapping. She should actually be ignored by the rank and file of the UPND while the legal team quietly takes her to the cleaners. She will then wish she had not agreed to be the PF’s lapdog. Those who claim or are desperately scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find some scraps of ‘credibility’ in her rantings, are equally deluded and myopic about the lengths to which the conductors of this orchestra can shamelessly go to.

  17. Nawakwi is a one trick pony,hellbent on tarnishing the image of H H. Her silence is defeaning when it comes to crucial issues affecting Zambians. What is her party,s manifesto?

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