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Kambwili’s decision to rejoin the PF is out of duress, it does not represent his true political feelings

Columns Kambwili's decision to rejoin the PF is out of duress, it does...

1. As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) we have noted with sadness the decision by Honorable Chishimba Kambwili to abandon his National Democratic Congress (NDC) party and rejoin the ruling Patriotic Front party. There is no doubt that the collective strength of the opposition in Zambia has reduced, with the departure of Honorable Kambwili.

2. As Patriots for Economic Progress, there is not a question in our minds that Honorable Kambwili was a passionate opposition leader who was committed to providing an alternative voice to the Zambian people. His decision to rejoin the ruling PF party is not something that he did out of his own volition but was compelled to do so using varying amounts of duress and blackmail by the PF and its Government. On one hand, Honorable Kambwili was inundated with countless and often baseless criminal charges, and on the other hand, his business enterprises were curtailed so that he remained with a very limited source of livelihood.

3. As Patriots for Economic Progress it is our considered view that we as the collective opposition political parties in Zambia are partially to blame for the PF’s defeat of Honorable Kambwili which resulted into subsequently beating him into submission and making him to rejoin them. This is premised on the fact that when Honorable Kambwili was at his lowest ebb due to victimization from the PF and its Government, we as fellow opposition failed to offer him the moral, financial and legal support that he needed to survive his incessant harassment by the PF. In fact, at the peak of Honorable Kambwili’s legal woes, instead of his brothers in the main opposition UPND offering him hope and help, the UPND aligned lawyers who represented him ensured that they milked him dry with unreasonably high legal fees. They saw him as a cash cow and not a harassed fellow opposition leader who needed help.

4. To a large extent, it can be argued that not only did the ruling PF party want Honorable Kambwili and his NDC project to fail and for him to return to the PF, but the main opposition UPND also wanted him to fail. There is no doubt in our minds that, just like a jealous first wife, the UPND have never desired for any third political force to emerge in Zambia, for fear of being subsequently overshadowed, as the case has been in the past. To the extent that Honorable Kambwili and his NDC party were slowly emerging as a third political force, the UPND were as rattled as the PF and they both equally took active steps to undermine him and see to it that he fails. As PeP, we eventually expect the same maneuvers although we have no intention to fail.

5. As Patriots for Economic Progress we know for a fact that Honorable Kambwili’s truest passion lies with providing an alternative voice for the Zambian people and not being in the PF gravy train. His decision to rejoin the PF and hold hands with those who tormented him for years, was out of duress and blackmail and does not in any way represent his true political feelings. It is for this reason that for us, we shall not join the bandwagon of those condemning his decision to retreat and rejoin the Patriotic Front Party. You cannot condemn a man for losing a battle which you never assisted him to fight in the first place. Therefore, we wish to take this opportunity to advise the UPND and its supporters whose condemnation of Honorable Kambwili as an unprincipled politician has reached fever pitch, to cease, desist and introspect.

6. As Patriots for Economic Progress we shall always hold Honorable Chishimba Kambwili in deep reverence as someone who earnestly tried to build a third political force but failed because of the underhand methods of the ruling PF party and the jealousy of the main opposition UPND party. Imbwili fought a good fight and deserves respect, and not insults, from the Zambian people.


  1. Kambwili is a turncoat ,a traitor to the Zambian republic and an opportunist.He should’ve stayed true to his political feelings like Nelson Mandela who did not flinch for 27yrs.

  2. Sean, why don’t you just pack your party and join pee efu than writing useless pieces of information which blame a big opposition party for making CK run back to his lover? Try to understand the history of political parties in Zambia. If you have a small heart and can’t keep oiling your party, just get out and do something else than trying to fake that you are a politician. You and CK are in the same WhatsApp group. Strange bedfellows!

  3. Pf 10 upnd 0….ck will end hh’s presidential hopes. ..ka hh will b buried in ingombe illede…….Thanks imbwili???

  4. Criminals by association. This PF government is indeed corrupt, exercising selective persecutions, money laundering and using criminal tactics to intimidate aspiring presidential candidates. You have taken Zambian politics to a bad place. We are sick and tired of your selfness.

  5. Shallow reasoning from Mr. Tembo. Here is another president who is not principled. Had our fathers who faithfully fought for our independence behaved like Hon Kambwili or reasoned like Mr. Tembo, Zambia would be still under colonial law. The truth is the only tool that can set Mr. Kambwili free. Stop blaming HH or UPND. What did Mr Tembo do for Imbwili?

  6. I agree with this man 100%. Do you know that even Sata would have gone back to the the MMD when they started harassing him had it not been for the UPND providing him financial assistance and free legal representation by its lawyers
    This PeP man, what’s his name again?… Shaun Tembo. Yeah, he is a real genius!

  7. Sean Tembo, thanks for realising and accepting that PF are a shrewd and clever party that can outwit and out-manouvre the weak opposition in Zambian politics. YES, that includes you Sean.
    As for CK, the man has been magnanimous even in the midst of all his woes. In fact, just last week, he declared that he cannot be a broke person while he owns over 70 properties both local and abroad. So, for all that matters, once again CK is showing you Sean that “know which side your bread is buttered”.

  8. So much hype on this empty tin. Truth be told CK carries only one vote to the ballot box. CK doesn’t carry 50% of Zambian votes in the voting booth. He is as ordinary as a Mulyokela down the road.

  9. It is very interesting to note and understand that Zambians are actually generally very dull people who celebrate mediocrity. How can you not find it primitive and mediocre for a guy who where so vibrantly went out condemning one party and a few months later he turns back on his campaign messaging and he becomes your new hero and is supposed to be considered a political heavyweight? You are all mediocre guys at the core, nothing to right home about and nothing meaningful to hope for in Zambia. It is the land of the mediocre.

  10. Chishimba Kambwili went back to PF for one reason. He was not ready to remain in opposition for another 10 years! If the UPND were winning elections, it would have benefited Kambwili because after 12 August all court cases could have been dropped by Hakainde Hichilema as new president. But all that won’t be happening since UPND will again be disgraced at the polls with a huge electoral loss.

  11. Zambians this mentality of only complaining in hush tones even when a bus driver is driving recklessly must come to an end, Tell the driver to stop, give you back your money and get off that bus. 12 august the decision will be all in your hands, do it right and vote the violence we saw yesterday by pf hoodlums out.

  12. So UPND was jealousy of NDC growth and recognition, just as a woman is jealousy of her husband’s second wife? That explains why all pact members will contest as UPND alliance. How can it be called UPND alliance when UPND is a party. Kambwili sugested alliance be called UPNDC, Hichilema objected. The aim was to swallow opposition.

  13. Leaders are measured by their words and deeds. If Kambwili was principled enough and had no dubious deals he would have survived. Remember Kambwili didn’t leave PF on his own he was forced and expelled and took the matter to court but by the time the case was concluded it was moot. Now the way he was chased a principled person would say thanks but NO thanks I can’t come back. You need to separate his cases because they are purely criminal to be frank. You can not blame UPND for what the lawyers charge in Zambia. It’s open day light robbery. It is PF that has brought the breakdown in the justice system including what the lawyers charge. The justice system needs to be overhauled in it’s entirety. That is starting with the police, prosecution, magistrates, judges and the prison system…

  14. HH has been a victim & still is up to day of the PF justice system, facing harrassment day in and out from various PF surrogates including yourself. You must recall the deaths of Kaunda & Joseph in late December 2020 where meant to assassinate HH. It wasn’t a coincidence, it was all well planned. You also need to know that the procurement of all the police riot gear is not a coincidence but something well calculated and planned. Kambwili was expelled from NDC by senior party officials on principal when he told them he was going to PF. Kambwili had been double dealing and that’s why he could not attend a single opposition alliance meetings because he could have ended up failing to answer simple questions. He was tasked to derail HH from the race by deching him after filling in. CK only…

  15. What does it matter to you? Honorable CK has a right to do what he has done. After ECL CK will become president of Zambia in 2026 and ya’ll will be amazed at how Zambians do things.
    For now, PeP shut ya trump.
    Looks like it’s Viva PF.
    Looks like it’s game over already.
    It looks like PF will win big.
    It is like it is. Both of you ran away from the upnd scheme of a pact. It is what it is CK is now PF whether you would like to bog or not.
    Whether you can’t believe your eyes or not.
    Nothing sinister. Ck has done what GBM, SAMPA, MULENGA and the many others have done. Get over it. Let’s roll.

  16. CK only has one single vote it won’t help the desperate PF.
    Their time has past. The should be busy packing their bags. We need inspiring leadership and leave the PF type of politics which is vision less. It doesn’t matter what happens after the elections, Kambwili’s should still be decided by the courts based on evidence not politics. We need clean issue based politics and clean politicians. Kambwili’s politics of insults, name calling, lies and abuse does not qualify to be in any type of leadership even as a counsellor.

  17. I see nothing wrong. Kashimba Chimbwili is very much Zambian. Remember ECL was once Upnd. Guy was once Lima.
    In PF you are allowed to go window shopping and when you see nothing is working, it be Orange party or tribal, your way is back home. As a prodigal.
    Zambia is one family PF demostrates that over and over again.
    Bravo braggadocio Kambwili. Welgone back to PF regardless of what critics will say.

  18. What a cheap shot by a frustrated boy who has failed to build a following. What has UPND got to do with an unprincipled traitor like Kambwili. If he has been found to be a criminal by the courts, how can that be the fault of UPND iwe ngwele?
    Did UPND help him in his criminal pursuits that they should now be blamed when he has been found out. Multi ba wele wele naimwe ba Tembo atini…
    If you too want to join the PF, we wont mind, after all,.you are are.just a fly who is just another appendage and viruses of PF .No one will miss you an opposition party…

  19. This CRAP from this cloune called Shaun CTembo. Again trying to blame UPND and HH. For God`s sake, why would you expect one Political Party to financially support another Political Party, when he was refusing to be part of the Alliance? Chimbwili, came out of PF stating that he was a rich man, who would fly to London for breakfast and have dinner in Zambia, only a billionaire would do that. Now don’t tell me the few legal cases that came up have milked away millions of dollars to an extent that this man is so bankrupt that and he is forced to go back to PF? Come-on? Its i.diot.ts like this Ctembo guy, who wants to be relevant as well, and give attention to people like CK, GBM, etc which makes CK think he is a force to reckon with. Instead of blaming this HEAVYWEIGHT POLITICAL PROSTITUTE,…

  20. Cont`d
    ..he is blaming HH. If this Cloune Tembo is so CLEVER and a GENIUS where was he when CK was “fainting”?

  21. What is honorable about CK? He is a traitor, he betrayed his own party, and now he pledges allegiance to the corrupt PF and its incompetent leader. And CK president in 2026? Can’t see that happening, Zambian voters are not that dumb!

  22. In the next remaining 3 months, no one in their right frame of mind will defect to the opposition. The line has been clearly drawn. It is perceivably a one way traffic

  23. I agree totally that had it not been his court
    Cases he could still be in opposition.lets see
    How his court cases will be put on nolle proseque one by one.In Africa courts work
    Work with government of the day.

  24. So this f00l has now become a prophet who can see what people are thinking? Fuseke. Go fuk yourself and anyone else who agreed with you on this site.

  25. In Zambia everything is taken as a joke no wonder we dont develop. We have a constitution which is a joke….even the President who is sworn to uphold the constitution now wants to circumvent it…Kambwili is a known criminal on the copperbelt. He has no morals at all….and Zambians think he is normal…and soon he will be back in the Cabinet and continue stealing together with Bandit President Edgar Chagwa Lungu

  26. His decision to rejoin the PF and hold hands with those who tormented him for years, was out of duress and blackmail and does not in any way represent his true political feelings. This is a turncoat version of events. The real version is: His decision to rejoin the PF and hold hands with those who tormented him for years, was because he is a lying conscienceless coward who cant fight blackmail and does not in any way represent his true political feelings.

  27. Dr. Field Ruwe stated it better: Chishimba Kambwili is the most irresponsible political leader who reduces Zambian politics to the level of silliness. His behavior is certainly outrageous by any standard, and particularly for a man who aspires to be president someday. Describing his political style as impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective is an understatement. A remarkably narcissistic individual, he shamelessly moves through politics like a child who suffers from poor impulse control. Read about him here: https://www.lusakatimes.com/2021/05/02/kambwilis-decision-to-rejoin-the-pf-is-out-of-duress-it-does-not-represent-his-true-political-feelings/#comment-3148621

  28. When this Sean Tembo ever have time to mobilise his party…he has no members and he is also building a house with 11 bedrooms…talk about wastage!!

  29. The anatomy of PF is such that they can even tolerate HH defecting to PF.
    Isn’t that amazing?
    Remember no permanent enemies.
    I admire PF and what they stand for.
    Leave CK alone!


  31. Better Must….. Its called self-preservation…that fat buffoon wouldn’t last with his BP and greediness in Prison


  33. Kambwili had to be fired for him to start saying those bad things about PF. If he was not fired he would have not left PF on his own. So this is not at all very surprising

  34. They should just be careful with Kambwili. Was he not expelled from the party? What were the conditions of his expulsion? We remember he went all the way to challenge the move in court.? Let us wait and see. The Bembas say “ “Uwa Kamusango takalema” but habits die hard.


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