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Government procures a 22-seater speed boat for Chilubi District

Rural News Government procures a 22-seater speed boat for Chilubi District

Government through the Transforming Landscapes for Resilience and Development (TRALARD) Project has procured a 22-seater speed boat for Chilubi District.

Northern Province Minister Chungu Bwalya handed over the boat with a call on the district administration to use the boat for effective monitoring of the TRALARD programmes.

Mr. Bwalya has since cautioned government officers against abusing the vessel.

“This boat has been procured at a great cost for the purposes of monitoring TRALARD projects, ensure that it is used for the intended purpose,” Mr. Bwalya said

He noted there is need for close supervision of groups benefiting from TRALARD for the project to yield the desired results.

And Mr. Bwalya said he will engage the Ministry of Transport on the need for a landing jet in Chilubi to facilitate the safe landing of bigger boats.

“We have seen that Chilubi is changing for the better and now we even bigger boats coming here, definitely there is need for a landing jet,” he said

Earlier, Northern Province Permanent Secretary Royd Chakaba said his office was aware of the water transport challenges faced by government departments in implementing the donor funded project hence the decision to request for the boat.

Mr. Chakaba also urged the local leadership in Chilubi to work in unity for the betterment of the area.

“I saw how difficult it was for our officers to monitor TRALARD programmes when I visited Chilubi and through the office of the Provincial Minister, we requested for a boat,” said Mr. Chakaba

And Chilubi Member of Parliament Mulenga Fube appealed to people to desist from politicizing of developments taking place in the district.

Mr. Fube said it is sad that some sections of society want to politicize the strides made by the PF government in the recent past in developing the Island district.

“Development should not stall because of elections, Chilubi people will continue to receive what they deserve from President Edgar Lungu’s government,” said Mr. Fube

Meanwhile, Chilubi District Commissioner Gilbert Mwila thanked government for working with various partners in addressing the plight of the people in the area.

Mr. Mwila has hailed government for the TRALARD project and procurement of the boat.


  1. Whatever happened to the small boat they bought for thousands of dollars last two years during the election campaign which looked like an old second-hand boat with a paint job ….I wouldn’t be surprised ifs its placed on blocks awaiting spares. I did say at the time that it was a waste of money and gave examples of far much bigger boats with the same price range,
    This is the cost of PF corruption!!

  2. This boat doesn’t benefit ordinary Zambians, who still will have to utilize private transport. Only corrupt PF officers will utilize the boat. LT why no picture of the boat? I call that underreporting!

  3. The last few months in an election year sees all that which had to be done in the five years being crammed into implementation amidst promises to do more by a sitting government if re-elected! This is a cycle that is repetitive and the people fail to see through the lying!


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