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Government Planning to Extend the Number of Hours Allowed to Travel at Night for Public Service Vehicles

Economy Government Planning to Extend the Number of Hours Allowed to Travel...

The government has said that it is looking at extending the number of hours allowed to travel at night for Public Service Vehicles. Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya has promised that this will be done before he leaves office next week.

Speaking when he gave an update on the Transport and Communications sector at his office this afternoon, Hon Kafwaya said the transport sector is key to the improvement of the country’s economy.

Hon Kafwaya also said the PF government has done well in the road sector as seen by the improvement of Zambia’s road safety profile due to robust road network.

“We have improved operations at Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) in areas such as: decentralization, service delivery with improved issuance of driver’s license, fitness test certificates and road taxes,” he said.

Highlighting developments in the meteorology sector, Hon Kafwaya stated that the PF government expanded and modernized meteorological observation infrastructure by installing 120 automated weather stations across the country.

“It may be worth noting that before the Patriotic Front came into power, there were only 41 manual stations. We have installed over 550 rainfall stations across the country to improve data collection on the rainfall pattern,” he added.

“We have put in place high-performance computing infrastructure to improve data modeling. We have also done trainings and upgrading of skills for our human resources.”

In the communication sector, the Minister indicated that the PF government has progressed with the installation of 1009 communication towers under Phase II project.

He further explained that Government has awarded a license for a fourth mobile operator.

“In the Aviation sector, we have recovered from the Euro ban which we inherited and have put measures in place to ensure good audit outcomes from the ICAO audits. We have placed a Civil Aviation Surveillance System at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and the Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport to improve navigation in the Zambian airspace,” he stated.

In the Railway sector, the Transport Minister said Zambia Railways was recapitalized and over 400 kilometers of the main railway line rehabilitation.

“We have signed a Statutory Instrument No. 7 of 2018 on 30% bulk cargo by rail which compels all manufacturers and transporters of heavy and bulk cargo to move at least 30% of the cargo by rail,” he indicated.

“Feasibility studies were conducted for the following projects: Chipata – Petauke – Serenje rail project; Nseluka – Mpulungu railway 192km project; Livingston – Kazungula – Sesheke railway 200km project; Lusaka mass transit railway project; and Kafue to Lions’ Den Zimbabwe railway project.”


  1. RAILWAYS ?? FORGET !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Buses allow to drive in the night? Will multiply the deadly accidents. 1009 communication towers? Corrupt PF fairy tales. Roads improved? Where? Not in Great North Road between Kapiri and Ndola, biggest potholes you’ve seen in your life. And one hundred more PF lies!

  3. It’s campaign mode in the atmosphere so talk about achievements for the period you have been in office so you go ahead listing unverified achievements because the known fact is that Zambians will not verify for they do not have the means!

    Planning to extend night operating hours for public service vehicles? Was the reason given leading to action that put restrictions to night travel not about multiple accidents that claimed lots of Zambian lives? Now that there is a rethink has driver competence for night travel improved? What major changes have been made to the roads to make it safer driving at night, are the roads wider? Is it not just a way of facilitating more human sacrifices to “feed” the elections demon?

  4. We need this to jump start the economy following the negative effects of covid.

    Everyone is asking where I am. I am busy preparing for elections. Am on the ground you people. This is my busiest time, when I work so hard to ensure PF victory for our people. Bare with me.

  5. There they go again making decisions to appease the masses for political points …how can you allow night travel without giving the actual safety reasons and what has changed in the last two years and what is going to stop bus drivers overtaking and speeding in the night.

  6. Please ignore the attention hungry UK Based troll and impostor …it has no affiliation to ruling party in Zambia. @N£z the coon

  7. Buses are OK the way it is. No need to create funerals.
    The only dallo thinking of this PF government is to stop trucks from moving at night. What a f00lish idea. From the old days, truck drivers always moved at night because they said night temperatures were kind on engines. They rested during the day & moved at night. Cargo can be insured, in case of an accident, unlike people’s lives.
    So it’s good Buses have been removed from night driving. But trucks should not have been disturbed. Cargo is the biggest economy. Pf, votes are just 3 months away, no votes for dull parties.

  8. KZ, absolutely NOBODY is asking where you are. We KNOW where you are: in UK behind Bellmarsh prison. And the election you are working on: who’s car you will be cleaning first! We got you covered! You could’ve done a better job hiding your IP address!

  9. The govt should not reverse the ban of night travel just because we are approaching the election campaign period. Lets be consistent when SI are passed due to certain circumstances unless Govt wants to take pleasure in helping victims who suffer injuries and in some cases death. The ban on night travel has reduced on incidences of RTA and that is a PLUS to the PF govt.

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