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Elections briefing important – ECZ


Mwinilunga District Electoral Officer Kennedy Kazanda says nomination briefings are an important exercise during any election period as they help in contributing to smooth running of an election and enhance democratic practices.

Mr Kazanda said this during the August 12th, 2021 general elections stakeholders’ nominations briefing meeting held in the district today.

He said the exercise is tailored to equip electoral stake holders with information that will help aspiring candidates especially to lodge in their nominations without any challenges.

He said Electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) does not want confusion during nomination hence wants to ensure everyone knows what to do when filing in so that they are not disqualified.

“We do not want confusion during nomination, that is why this meeting has been called for you to know in advance what you are required to present,” he said.

Mr Kazanda said nomination briefings is one of the series of important activities culminating into Election Day.

He reminded aspiring candidates and political parties to know all the wards and polling stations in the district including newly delimitated ones as it will help them manage their campaigns and election activities in general.

Mr Kazanda urged stakeholders to take note of changes which have taken place pertaining filing in nomination in this year’s elections such as the Grade12 certificate or its equivalent requirements.

“Ask all questions here, this is where you will get the correct information not elsewhere,” Mr Kazanda said.

He requested stakeholders present in the meeting to get all necessary clarifications as it is the only official platform where they can be given accurate and correct information pertaining election nominations as opposed to getting information from outside sources.

The nomination briefings are being held country wide in preparation for filing in nominations for the August, 12, 2021 general elections scheduled to start on May 17th, 2021.


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