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President Lungu urges church to counsel politicians over rule of law


President Edgar Lungu has challenged the church to counsel politicians to observe the rule of law before, during and after elections.

President Lungu stated that the church has a cardinal role to play in promoting peace and unity in the country.

He said all political players are expected to be patriotic and upon the one Zambia one nation motto.

“And please give all political players counsel to ensure respect for the rule of law during and after the elections.

“We are expected to be patriotic and uphold the one Zambia one nation motto as this will enable us to coexist during this period,” he said

The President urged the church to pray for a peaceful elections as the country gears up for campaigns next week ahead of the August 12 polls.

President Lungu stated that the church has a significant role to play in fostering peace and harmony in the country.

He said as a country, Zambia is known for its record of peace in the region and at global level.

President Lungu has since urged Zambians to strive to uphold the record and to coexist regardless of political divergent views.

“Let’s us respect other and associate with each other even when we differ in affliction of political parties,” said the President.

The Head of State said this when he graced the construction of the BIGOCA multipurpose facility in Lusaka’s Barlastone area.

And President Lungu has implored political parties to observe COVID-19 guidelines ahead of campaigns next week.

He reminded the gathering that COVID-19 has claimed a lot of lives and continues enhance the need to observe the guidelines.

President Lungu hoped that political plays will adhere to the guidelines to be provide by the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Ministry of Health.

President Lungu said there is need to observe COVID-19 guidelines by all political players so as to avoid flaring of COVID cases in the country.

And speaking at the same event Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili encouraged churches to seize the opportunity by building beautiful church buildings.

Rev Sumaili also informed the gathering that the construction of the house of national prayers has progressed.

Meanwhile BIGOCA General Overseer Archbishop Peter Royd Ndhlovu disclosed that 300 direct and indirect jobs are going to be created within the surrounding community.

Dr Ndhlovu expressed optimism that livelihoods of the local will be improved as a result of the construction project.

He cited the construction of a community school and a clinic as some of the immediate benefits that will be passed to the community of Barlastone.


  1. So says the serpent with a Bible in his back pocket………

    This corrupt thieving fraud convict moron lawyer knows it is his PF thugs attacking others and brutalising them selves …….

  2. Pleading rule of law with a forked tongue while he ra.pes the constitution and judiciary………

    Zambia is one of the fastest eroding democracies in the world. This is according to the Varieties of Democracy Project (V-dem), one of the most trusted sources of information on indicators of democratic progress or regression. The project’s 2020 report notes that Zambia has registered a remarkably rapid decline in the quality of democracy since the last election in 2016.

  4. ECL is a hypocrite and a Wolf in a sheepskin. In the past the Church, Opposition Parties and the Commonwealth have called for Dialogue led by Church Leaders among the Stakeholders. ECL has always spurned that Dialogue. Now ECL is pretending to want Dialogue when he has armed ZPS, PF Cadres and Militias to ignite that Violence. PF Cadres have publicly fought each other at the PF Secretariat injuring Policemen and Journalists and ECL ignored the fracas. PF Cadres have burnt UPND Regalia in full view of Cameras but ECL ignored that thuggery. Clearly most Election Violence is instigated by PF Cadres who are funded by the PF Leadership. ECL must redeem himself by getting rid of violence within and outside PF. Unless PF Leadership disbands PF Militias and Vigilantes 2021 Elections are…

  5. “we differ in affliction of political parties,” said the President. what does the president mean here? which afflicts other parties? is not only party that afflicts others here in zambia?

  6. Take a look at ECL pretending to be Humble. Do not be deceived by this Conman. He has spurned Dialogue with the Church several times and now he is pretending he wants Dialogue led by the Church. Genuine Opposition Parties and the Church must look out for trap from this untrustworthy man.

  7. I’ve seen hypocrites in my lifetime, but this horrible corrupt thieving president beats everything. He asks the churches to do his dirty work for him, while he trespasses every single one of the ten commandments continuously. I hope the churches will decide to be non-partisan!

  8. I totally agree with you, even when someone writes something for you it should match your actions, behaviour and intentions. There is no peace in Zambia! The Church has been divided , others corrupted!

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