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GBM’s daughter to chosen to stand on PF ticket as Yaluma loses out

Feature Politics GBM's daughter to chosen to stand on PF ticket as Yaluma loses...

The on-going parliamentary adoptions by the ruling Patriotic Front’s Central Committee has seen several prominent persons replaced.

In Northern Province, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Christopher Yaluma who has been an MP since 2011 was beaten by former Consular General, Robert Kaela Kalimi.

National Youth Chairperson, Kelvin Mutale Sampa has been replaced by Sibongile Mwamba, daughter to former Defence Minister, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba(GBM) for Kasama Central.
Former Permanent Secretary, Charles Sipanje will replace Mwalimu Simfukwe for Mbala Constituency.

Northern Province Minister Lazarous Bwalya Chungu has tumbled to PF’s first MP, Emmanuel Musonda Mpankanta for Lupososhi Constituency.

Presidential Affairs Minister, Freedom Sikazwe, Minister of Transport, Mutotwe Kafwaya, and National Assbly Chief Whip, Brian Mundubile have been re-adopted for Mpulungu, Lunte, and Mporokoso respectively.

Here is the full list expected to be announced by the Secretary-General on Sunday.

  1. Kasama central – Sibongile Mwamba
  2. Lukasha Constituency – George Chisanga .
  3. Chilubi Constituency – Mulenga Francis Fube
  4. Lupososhi Constituency – Emmanuel Musonda Mpakata.
  5. Lubansenshi Constituency- Kolala Mulenga.
  6. Lunte Constituency – Hon Kafwaya
  7. Mporokoso Constituency – Brian Mundubile
  8. Chimbamilonga – Elias Musonda.
  9. Kaputa – Mr Chikontwe
  10. Senga Hill – Mrs Beatrice Nakazwe
  11. Malole – Robert Kalimi
  12. Mbala – PS Charles Sipanje.
  13. Mpulungu – Hon Freedom Sikazwe


  1. Ok…. Good luck,,,,surprised, thought ‘muzungu anikonde’Freedom Sikazwe is a grade 2 dropout

  2. I feel sorry for Kelvin Sampa, I thought he would be appointed Minister at some point, may his poor peformance as National Youth Chairman has cost him his adoption.

  3. GBM has been trying to settle scores for a long time with Kelvin Sampa. He has put personal interest and not the people of Kasama

    Sibongile Mwamba does not have the intellectual saucepan to represent the people of Kasama. She is not even close to the starting point.

    GBM and family are in politics just to grab government contracts. Many of you may remember when GBM was Defence Minister he said:


  4. Well done. The pf is the only party which embraces young leadership. We need to give chance to the younger generation. Even given lubinda has stepped aside in kAbwata. Now go to monze and see the old f00lish tribal upnd MP there who has been standing for decades and yet monze still looks like a warzone. This is what tribalism does. Tongas you need to do away with such tribal elements

  5. I am surprised about GBM’s daughter being adopted but we are seeing this trend of retiring or unqualified politicians pushing their siblings to contest typical example being Iris, Matthew Nkhuwa’s son …its all about lobbying their personal interests and influence in the next govt and not the people’s interest which all leads to corruption. It will be disaster if Lazy Lungu ever wins in August …he too will push forward his corrupt daughter.

  6. Please Sibongile has an identity beyond her father…why must always she be seen as GBMs daughter….shes Sibongile Mwamba…go luck boi…

  7. GBM rewarded with the appointment of daughter for grip on family business fortunes and not care for Kasama and its people! Indeed should PF carry the day the unadopted candidates wo remain loyal will most likely inundate the diplomatic team to continue their incompetence! However all parties need some of their old experienced hands for parliament business to be noble and guiding the novices!

  8. FuManchu – And these so called diplomats will be fighting for attention forgetting that they are civil servants like those bootlickers we have in Germany, Ethiopia and India.

  9. If this isn’t cronyism of the worst corrupt sort then I don’t know what is!

  10. Its ironic how PF have retained David Mabumba for Mwense who was fired as Education Minister after his nude video leaked of him in “manual override” on social media….hypocrites they are claim to be religious but they tolerate such nonsense!!

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