Tuesday, June 25, 2024

William Harrington appointed PAC Vice President


Opposition People’s Alliance for Change President Andyford Mayele Banda has appointed former cabinet minister William Harrington as Vice President of the party.

And Mr. Banda has won the presidency of the People’s Alliance for Change PAC after going unopposed at a convention held in Lusaka on Sunday.

Upon his re-election, Mr. Banda announced the appointment of former transport and communication minister William Harrington who also served in the same portfolio at the Ministry of Tourism and Environment.

According to Mr. Banda, Mr. Harrington will be unveiled to the public today at the launch of the party’s 2021 – 2026 manifesto.

Meanwhile, Mr. Banda has re-appointed Mr. Gerald Pule Mulao as Secretary-General of the party in order to maintain a coordinated approach in the run-up to the August 12 general elections.


  1. I admire Anford Banda’s determination and is maturing each that passes. I wish he partnered with either PF or UPND to sell himself to the masses .

  2. KZ, if today you give my wife a lift tomorrow we divorce. You’re more dangerous than Chellah Tukuta. However, if you give my daughter a lift then tomorrow is chilanga mulilo whether you like it or not. I feel sad for William Harrington that this is the level he’s come down to. How can a former Cabinet Minister accept an appointment by a person that has never served at that level and to a posiotion in some nonedescript Party? Please President Lungu have empathy and appoint this man as DC of Monze before he loses it. This isn’t a way to come back from retirement. I hope it isn’t true

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