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Media reminded of task ahead of polls


The Human Rights Commission (HRC) has reminded the Zambian media of the mammoth task it has to perform ahead of the forthcoming general elections this year.

HRC Chief Investigations and Legal Services Officer Kims Banda said part of the task is ensuring that the free will of the people prevails in the 2021 elections.

Mr. Banda said this when he welcomed participants to a review and validation media workshop organized by the Human Rights Commission.

The workshop also looked at the election monitoring tool on the administration of the Public Order Act (POA) in Kabwe today.

He said the media must report fairly, accurately and provide credible information to guarantee the free will of the people in an election.

“We feel the media has a critical role not only to monitor the free will of the people but to also report fairly and accurately of credible information,” he said.

Mr. Banda said it was the commission’s wish that the government provides security to those that genuinely seek the freedom of assembly.

He added that the HRC is also concerned that the media personnel have been victims of violence during election campaigns.

Mr. Banda has meanwhile reiterated that an election is a human rights issue which is enshrined in international and regional statutes.

He stated that Article 21 of the constitution stipulates that, “the free will of the people is the basis for the authority of any government.

“Those who preside over the affairs of the country only do so on the free will of the people. This entails people voting freely and in lateral sense,” he stated.


  1. Thank God for the cyber bill. F00ls like watchdog will soon be blocked off in zambia. We can’t tolerate evil upnd diasporans who own such sites to be spreading their tribal hate every day.

  2. Thank G0d for the cyber biII. F00ls like watchd0g will soon be bl0cked off in zambia. We can’t tolerate evil upnd diasporans who own such sites to be spreading their tribaI hate every day.

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