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National Land Policy launched

General News National Land Policy launched

Government is optimistic that the launch of the National Land Policy will help improve land administration and management across the country.

Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Jean Kapata has expressed hope that the land policy will not only address administration and management concerns for the present generation, but also for future generations to come.

ZANIS reports that the Minister was speaking in Lusaka today, when she officially launched the National Lands Policy, which she did virtually.

Ms Kapata notes that the policy is aimed at addressing most of the issues that have been a challenge in land administration, and could not be comprehensively addressed by the other existing land policies, with the principle being the Lands Act of 1985.

“The lack of a comprehensive policy framework in the sector has been a major obstacle to addressing many land related challenges in the sector” she said.

She mentioned that some of the challenges that the policy targets to address include land encroachment, land displacements, land disputes and inadequate availability of serviced land, which is in view of the growing population.

The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources further highlighted that some of the key changes in the policy include electronic processing and issuance of land title, allocation of land to women, youths and persons with disabilities, among other changes.

The Minister also commended President Edgar Lungu, the House of Chiefs and other stakeholders who were directly involved in ensuring that the document is delivered successfully.


  1. I already commented on this. I said this is good especially for me who suffered at the hands of some squatters on my farm land.

  2. You should remember this day you thief of a mother who helped PF with their animosity agenda in which you equally. Remember this day in the rest of your poor life ahead. As this was your last message ever as minister. Atleast you had something sensible to say before vacating. Your other colleagues have dissapeared already even before the actual official day, tomorrow. Nawakwi is one of them. Including Dora, Kampyongo, Chilufya Tayali etc(Oh! others in jail already even before the official jail in 2022).

  3. They are ‘launching’ all sorts of shoddy policies as we approach August to appear as if they are working. As long as it has the PF hand in it, none of this stuff actually ever works – not for the benefit of the ordinary folk anyway

  4. The draft policy document was well circulated, why has the final document been treated with veiled secrecy? We want to see if the concerns that were raised by various stakeholders have been addressed. Until that is done, it’s difficult to make any meaningful comment


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