Sunday, July 14, 2024

Nkana Queens benched, violent attacks condemned


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has provisionally suspended Nkana Queens Football Club from the league following violent incidents that occurred during the team’s match against Zambia Institute for Social Development last weekend.

FAZ General Secretary Adrian Kashala says FAZ has taken the drastic step in order to keep players and officials in check.

Kashala says the footage viewed, coupled with regulatory reports for the match, show some Nkana players and officials attacking match officials and a ball boy, a situation that has been highly condemned.

“We do not condone hooliganism at any level in the game and we will deal with it decisively. The suspension will remain in effect until the disciplinary process has been exhausted,” he says.

Kashala stated that violence at any level in the game must be weeded out as some of the aggressive activities in the footage border on matters beyond football.

He says football is a rule-based game, and everyone involved must at all times embrace fair play and respect the rules.

Nkana has been given up to May 13, 2021 to submit the names of the culprits as part of the disciplinary process.

This is according to a press statement issued to ZANIS by FAZ Communications Manager Sydney Mungala in Lusaka today.


  1. This what you get when the leading party openly engages in wanton violent acts amongst themselves and any other political opposition………..

    For PF violence and thuggery seems to be a right of passage..,….

  2. FAZ should also ban the men’s team for being in an embarrassing position on the league table

  3. Some match officials are pathetic, it’s like Andrew Ndanga Kamanga and his minions instruct them to frustrate teams like Nkana FC that have never supported him. You’ll never kill our passion for football. Your friends tried and failed, you’ll also fail. Nangu ni ku Division 3 we’ll still support Nkana. Some UPND cadres are for deduction of 3 points from the senior male team, you can even deduct all points if it pleases you

  4. @Ayatollah. Am a Power Dynamos fan and I agree with you that our passion for football will never die!!! We can argue and fight on Saturday but we will still be brothers on Monday…and we condemn such violent scenes. Please ignore these UPND cadres advocating for deduction of points that’s just their nature. 100% negative for their entire lives

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