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ECZ to provide braille for people with vision disabilities

Feature Politics ECZ to provide braille for people with vision disabilities

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has reiterated its stance to procure tactical folders or braille jackets for persons with vision disabilities for the August general elections.

ECZ Corporate Affairs Manager, Patricia Luhanga told ZANIS in an interview today, that the commission will ensure all electorates are able to exercise their right to vote in the coming general elections including persons with infirmities.

‘’The commission will provide braille for persons with disabilities so that no one is left behind in the electoral process of voting,’’ she explained.

She indicated that the electoral officers will only help the vision impaired people by telling them the names of the candidates as they appear on the ballot paper.


  1. On the face of it, it looks like a noble cause. This is an effort to paint a picture of an organisation that cares about people’s right to vote. The love for fringe groups like these and prisoners is worrying when you note that ECZ deliberately and strategically decided not to register nearly a million eligible voters.

    This is organisation is so unfit and does not appreciate the privileged position it is in to grow Zambia’s democracy and peace. Shame on you lot!

  2. What percentage is the blind?
    Let’s worry more about those who
    Can see properly.Find ways of making voting easy and try to give
    Us voting updates.lastly don’t delay in giving final results as delay causes voters to suspect

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