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Education Minister bids farewell

General News Education Minister bids farewell

Outgoing Minister of High Education Brian Mushimba has commended members of staff at the ministry for working well with him and providing a sense of peace during his last 2 months.

Engineer Mushimba attributed the achievements scored to hard work that was exhibited by members of staff.

Eng. Mushimba, who is also outgoing Member of Parliament for Kankoyo explained that he has been able to serve the people diligently as well as achieved some development in the education sector.

“I am at peace and am always thankful that you have created all the things that we have achieved together, there is quite a bit of policy, things that we have been able to accomplish,” he said.

He said this during a farewell event organized for him by Ministry of Higher Education Permanent Secretary Kayula Siame together with members of staff at the ministry in Lusaka today.

“I leave a very pleased man and minister because of all the good people that made everything possible,” the minister added.

He said the reason he became an MP was to give back and better the community of Kankoyo which he successfully did.

“I am a member of the party, a political party that gave me an opportunity, really that is what I wanted to do. I wanted to give back to my community of Kankoyo and there is a bit of despair and giving up,” he said.

Eng. Mushimba has also wrote to thank President Lungu for the opportunity to serve as minister for five years.

And speaking earlier, Ms Siame commended Eng. Mushimba for the leadership despite the difficulties faced such as the outbreak of COVID -19.

She mentioned that under his leadership, the ministry achieved milestone despite some of the challenges faced.

“I think we are very proud as a ministry of higher education team of the things that we have done in the past one year, despite the fact that it was a difficult with the COVID-19, I think we managed to do quite a because you were with us,” she said.

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of the Ministry of higher education Department of University Education Director, Charles Mulenga recognized the passion Eng. Mushimba exhibited in the sector.


  1. Um! All Bemba names. After PF, i can bet Zambians will take 100years to be able entrust a Bemba into Public office again, this tribe has managed to decampaign itself – now and in future. There are claims of Tongas being tribal but i doubt, and very much doubt that it is to this level, where an entire ministry Top to Bottom is managed by one tribe. If you go into HH’s companies today(number one tagged tribal), you will find that he has employed the whole nation, including Indians and Whites. Pure non tribal, non racist, and he is still a private citizen, Based on this, do you think he would become tribal in public office, if he wasnt tribal in private office?

  2. Brian may have his limitations but having someone of his profile as MP and in cabinet was of great benefit to the country. A real pity that PF can fail to see this and sacrifice him for someone of such low calibre like Chomba. Such is what indicates that the party does not mean well for the country.

  3. Go well engineer mushimba we appreciate your contrubution in our High education achievements.

  4. Its unfortunate that PF Central Committee traded Brian Mushimba for Dobadba man like Eddie Chomba. Any way when you talk scrap and lies that is when one is noticed by the powers be. May be Mushimba was under performing or had some problems in his private life that the BIG eyes were able to see.

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