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Take President Edgar Lungu’s call for zero audit queries seriously, Miti warns Permanent Secretaries

Economy Take President Edgar Lungu’s call for zero audit queries seriously, Miti warns...

Secretary to Cabinet Simon Miti has called on Permanent Secretaries to take President Edgar Lungu’s call for zero audit queries seriously.

Dr. Miti says the next few months will have NO Ministers to provide an oversight role hence the need for Controlling Officers to take the zero-audit query seriously.

He also emphasized that good governance is key in attaining Sustainable Development Goals -SDGs – and building the economy through hard work, transparency, and prudent utilization of public resources.

Dr. MITI said this today when opening a virtual sensitization Workshop on the operations of the Auditor General for Lusaka-based Permanent Secretaries.

He said the Permanent Secretaries’ responsibility borders on trust on behalf of Zambians to prudently manage public resources.

Dr. Miti urged them to tap into the knowledge of the Auditor General’s office which is mandated to provide an oversight role on the utilization of public resources which is key for economic development.

He said effective utilisation of public resources is key especially amidst the tight fiscal conditions in the country.

And Auditor General Dick Sichembe warned Controlling Officers against mismanaging public resources.

Dr. Sichembe expressed hope that the knowledge and experience shared during the workshop themed “Understanding the work of the Auditor-General” will be useful in attaining transparency and accountability.


  1. “……And Auditor General Dick Sichembe warned Controlling Officers against mismanaging public resources…….”

    After they have finished all the money……

    Why should corruption be fought when their overall boss lungu , has never denied being a corrupt theif, instead the thieving moron gets ACC and police to harass those calling him a corrupt thieving president, instead of publicly denying it in front of the nation.

  2. I woke up with a bad sore throat. Pray for me. Youupnd diasporans you won’t manage to bewitch me or stop me working for pf. I have forced myself into the office. My God is more powerful. Amen

  3. You pf have been power for close to 10 years and now when we have 2 months left before the elections you come up the zero-audit query ?
    If you had done this from day one of your forming government, Zambia would have not been broke.
    Fuseki with you zero -audit query.

  4. This government is funny. Why do you always give away the game before you play? It’s like telling the thieves to hide their stolen items because the police have been instructed to conduct a search. Our ministers are stealing with impunity because somehow all these institutions designed to safeguard public assets are guiding the kawalalas making them even more sophisticated in how they loot. Why don’t you do the job quietly first and then give stern warnings after finding inconsistencies? What’s the purpose of this warning?

  5. Simon Miti is taking a gamble trying to be reasonable over something he should have been pushing for from the very first day of his appointment! Now it’s about hope of retention in his position however the election decides if not graceful discharge via some other assignment! One thing about elections is that many sober up and start retracing the path they have trodden and if they made it better to warrant they stay on course!

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