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Traditional leaders advised against partisan politics

Rural News Traditional leaders advised against partisan politics

A traditional leader has cautioned his colleagues to focus on preaching unity and love as the country ahead of the 12th August polls.

Chief Mabumba of Luapula Province has therefore condemned some chiefs who are in the forefront of hand picking parliamentary candidates saying it was wrong and against the agenda of unity of purpose.

Chairing a coccus meeting for chiefs to discuss the adoption of parliamentary candidates in Muchinga province held at the civic centre, Chief Mabumba has advised his colleagues to counsel aspiring candidates ahead of the August 12 general election,

Accompanied by Chief Munkonge and Kalasa at the meeting, the traditional said the trend by some traditional leaders to influence the adoption process of candidates only contributed to voter apathy.

“The picture portrayed has not responded to the noble cause of reducing political conflicts and I hope that the adoption results will not culminate into voter apathy,” said Chief Mabumba.

And patron for the chiefs group in Muchinga, Father Richard Kangwa called on chiefs to unite all the candidates and embrace them so that no one should contest as an independent.

Flanked by Father Francis Kasolo , Father Kangwa appealed to chiefs to preach and show love to all candidates whether picked or adding the church and chiefs are pillars of peaceful elections.

Speaking earlier, Chief Luchembe of the Bemba speaking people of Mpika regretted the alleged recommendations done in favour of some candidates to contest on Patriotic Front tickets in some constituencies.

Chief Luchembe said the conduct by some chiefs to influence the adoption is regrettable but was quick to appeal to all candidates to work together and support the Republican President Edgar Lungu , seeking his re-election on 12 August.

“Some candidates who applied to stand on the PF ticket and have not been adopted, feel injured by acts of some chiefs who openly supported a particular candidate in their chiefdom and we only hope that this situation will not affect the polls on August 12, ” said Chief Luchembe.

Meanwhile, both chiefs Chikwanda and Munkonge called on the traditional leadership in Muchinga province to refrain from partisan politics but work with the government of the day.

The dignity of being a chief can only be restored by being neutral and treat everyone equally, Chief Munkonge said.

The meeting which was supposed to be attended by all aspiring candidate who were not adopted on PF ticket was disrupted by ECZ presidential supporters verification as most candidates rushed to Civic center.

However, the chiefs resolved to go flat out and sensitize electorates on the importance of exercising their democratic rights and pledged to offer transport to the voters whose polling stations are a distant from their residence.


  1. How about the white chief in NW Province called Fisher, has not been adopted as PF candidate?

    And you Chief Mabumba, aren’t you the one who arm twisted PF to bring back your brother former
    minister of Education Mabumba? …

  2. Especially that tribal skeleton mukuni who is using his caster semenye looking wlfe for his dirty tribal work for upnd

  3. This is of course about “empowerment”, the bribe money from the corrupt PF. Chiefs who remain impartial don’t get funded by Lungu and his criminal cadres!

  4. KZ please respect our traditional leaders. Being derogative is not the way to debate issues. You can still debate with respect. This also applies to everyone that uses derogative language against anybody. President ECL and HH have suffered the most insults on this platform and LT does not seem to reign when individuals use vulgar language.

  5. Eye of eagle you can’t compare the office of president to that of a tribal leaders like hh and mukuni. Don’t be silly

  6. Isn’t this hypocritical? You are preaching non partisanship when adopting candidates yet the meeting is only for PF candidates who did not get adopted? Please!!!! These folk tongued so called chiefs need to stop misleading their subjects.

  7. Tell them, and they are both paramount chiefs and very partisan, one from the north the other from the east

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