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Zambia will adhere to the tenets of democracy, SADC assured

Headlines Zambia will adhere to the tenets of democracy, SADC assured

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Major General Jackson Miti has assured the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries that the August 12 elections in Zambia will adhere to the tenets of democracy.

Maj Gen Miti said Zambia envisages to hold a free and fair election as has been the case in the past elections.

He was speaking at the SADC Heads of Mission meeting in Pretoria, South Africa.

Maj Gen Miti mentioned that international and local election observers have been invited to ensure that the electoral process was credible.

He also said election campaigns would be held under strict COVID-19 guidelines and protocols.

Maj Gen Miti also expressed gratitude to SADC member countries over their goodwill messages ahead of this year’s tripartite elections.

And SADC Head of Mission chairperson His Excellency General Paulino Macaringue urged Zambia to ensure that democracy thrived in the forthcoming elections.

General Macaringue, who is also Mozambican High Commissioner to South Africa, said democracy should be the ultimate winner in the elections.


  1. You are busy locking anyone that criticises you on flimsy grounds way before elections & you have the audacity to assure lies?

  2. U can’t have free and fair Elections by saying so. U need to outline the measures u are going to take. ECL and PF promise free and fair Elections during the Day but during the Night ECL and his Election Rigging Team are busy scheming how to Steal the same Elections. ECL and PF lack intergrity to deliver free, fair and credible Elections. On the ground indications that Zambia is going to have violent, rigged and disputed Elections in 2021. The writing is on the wall.

  3. After August 2021 i can assure you that there’ll be court cases overturning some election results all over Zambia.Bwana Miti is lying here.

  4. Background noise! All signs are that PF is busy rigging elections by packing electoral register with voters perceived to sympathetic to them. Strange case of prisoners allowed to vote where opposition will not be allowed to campaign!

    Does anyone know why prisoners should vote? In other countries it is hard to be on the electoral register even after your jail term!
    PF/CnCourt/ECZ can not guarantee free and fair elections!

  5. After arresting opposition candidates, after shutting down newspapers, after threatening media for inclusion of opposition news, after handing out bribes (called empowerment) to voters – and then we haven’t even started voting! PF is a corrupt JOKE!

  6. How will Prisoners Vote? Were they registered? What’s the Prison Population in Zambia? How will Political Parties Campaign in Prisons? Will Political Party Agents Monitor the voting? This is another way of capturing votes for ECL. It won’t work. The Majority of Zambians country-wide will be voting for a change of President. ECL has failed so let’s try HH for a change so that we can see what he can do. Lungu and his Army of Corrupt Leaders must be retired on August 12. Rigging or no Rigging ECL “ku wire” chabe. Let’s vote 4 HH in massive numbers then rigging will become ineffective. Let’s vote 4 “Zambia we want” which has no PF Cadre Violence, Lawlessness, Corruption etc

  7. The truth is Lungu can not afford to lose this election, it would be suicide to concede to a man you jailed on trumped up charges, so ofcourse they will not be free and fair.

  8. It is impossible for ECL to win a free,fair and credible Election in Zambia given the poor state of the Economy and Governance issues. ECL is so unpopular and cannot get 50%+1 Vote threshold so the only way for him to retain Power is to massively rig the Election. Its not sufficient to state that Zambia will have Credible Elections. Action speaks louder than words. ECL and PF must tell the World what measures they have taken to ensure Credible Elections in August 2021. U cannot have a Credible Election with a flawed Voters Roll, PF Cadres causing Violence, ZPS shooting Civilians etc. PF must walk the Talk and practice what they preach. This hypocrisy must stop. Election Monitors and Observers should open their eyes and see PF rig these Elections using Prisoners and unaudited Voters…

  9. Very doubtful, no national census held last year before the voter registration. In addition each registration centre was only open for 1 week against the previous “normal” of 12 weeks (3 months translating to a paltry 1/12 (8.3%) time allocation) after stubbornly insisting on a new voters register. ..!!!!

  10. LUNGU NO MATTER WHAT, WONT WIN THIS ELECTION. TAKAPITE. BY FAR. TRUST AND BELIEVE ME. There are just just so many hinderances in his way and if any jerabo like Kalimanshi, was him, he would ve easily ceded power to a capable candidate to drive PF thru this turbulence. Lungu wont win this election, let alone, make it to the ballot box. August is near for Zambians, but very far for Lungu. As he still has alot to clear inbetween, His eligilibility, his PF in which he has left out old PF founders, PF revolution by left out members, Rejection by majority Zambians, UPND Revolution, International monitors & pressure, Debt, and lastly – the Zambian revolution (the one that KK didnt see coming, one that Chiluba didnt see coming either). Chagwa is no different -he is not seeing it too, But its…


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