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A Wasted vote is one cast for Leaders who eventually turn Mediocre and Absentee Representatives

Columns A Wasted vote is one cast for Leaders who eventually turn Mediocre...

By Pezzy Kudakwashe

The 2021 General elections in Zambia are only months away, Thursday, August 12, 2021 to be exact. Another episode, a “telemundo” series, action packed, promising some explosive moments.

Some politicians like “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” are coming out of the woodwork. They are here from months of hibernating, only to practice and display what they do best, offer empty promises.

After years and months of total absence and community neglect, they now bring the same old worthless stories by shading “crocodile tears” as if they have the best interest of ordinary Zambians at heart.

Their stories are not new. Very predictable. There is nothing new for us except rehearsed speeches and fake promissory notes. The drama begins, decorated by out-of-tune singing and rashly choreographed dancing mainly praised by cadres.

Programs are nothing but repeats. The repeats are in themselves true lies and yet have the ability to hypnotize the electorate like spells from Nyasa. Politicians and voters alike resemble one who has a spell cast on them.

Shall voters fall for the very things they promised not to? Shall they elect the same people telling same old lies?God forbid, we are not crazy.We shall not listen to same lies, told by same liars and expect to get different positive results.

The 2021 elections should be taken with all seriousness they deserve. A defining moment. A time to draw a line in the sand and declare “enough is enough”.

Out of those contesting, we do indeed know the true leaders. We cannot make the same mistakes over and over again. We have fully paid for out mistakes made in past elections. Now it’s time for fake politicians to pay.

Through ignorance and gullibility, we made mistakes in the past. This time, we need to vote with our brain and heart. The poor, the marginalized, the concerned voters must all unite and fight on the same side.

Fight the common enemy, the fake politicians. Our vote should not be used to settle other people’s political scores or disputes but to improve our livelihood. .The center of attention in this election is to get rid of the imposters, politicians causing the suffering of Zambians.

The same old same old mentality of politicians making a paycheque during election time is over. This includes civic leaders taking advantage of the season to cash in through useless rants and”fallacious projects.

Stop political wolves and hyenas promising and pledging to protect the sheep and goats. Block political lions and other predators offering service to care for impala, lechwe, and other prey. End vultures of their pledge to cover our backs.

Past elections left us feeling so hopeless and helpless. Like infects babysat by known pedophilias. This is wrong, surely don’t we have a few good people? The ones we term “remnants”. Those who believe the best can come out of Zambia.

We need people who are in it to fix it. They are not plunderers, not looters but fixers and hope restorers. Where are these good people? Let’s begin to mobilize and thwart the intentions of economic hooligans.

A pack of wolves cannot shepherd a flock of sheep without the wolves getting fat and the sheep getting fewer. Pick pocketers and robbers cannot run a country with full coffers. They get rich and the country gets poor.

Rules set by cheats will never be fair. Laws made by the guilty will never be just. Elections run by liars will never be honest and the results are never celebrated.”Only those with Zambia at heart can make the best of what it is. Freedom is not cheap. It is not free.

We are inspired by the spirit of history to move our nation forward. Zambia is not a project of any one person. We are all called to be Zambians not some special individuals.Many have walked before us. Many have sacrificed for our nation. The blood of our heroes paid and paved the way.

How long shall we behave like blind people? We allow leaders elected to serve us only but steal from us. Here is a call to moral choice to change. We need to commit to build this house first before we can that of investors.

We have to commit to dry the tears of Zambians first, then create joy in the hearts of investors. We are tired of change for the sake of change. We are tired of change that only brings in comedy and drama, heartache and pain.

Zambians have vast experience in disappointments. Top on that agenda of disappointers are leaders we elect. A wasted vote is one cast for leaders who eventually turn mediocre and absentee representatives.

Vote wisely.


  1. Politicians don’t come from outer space, they live with us. So what you’ve outlined is a description of who we collectively are. Don’t apportion the blame to politicians alone. Hundreds of thousands of voters right now believe that a Panama Papers Cayman Islands conman will fix it, whatever it is I don’t know. So what are you talking about?

  2. Ask yourself: Why do we not vote for your preferred candidate? For how long has your political party been around? It is because other candidates are worse than what we already have. No one hypnotises the electorates. The others are not voted in because they don’t mean well.

  3. Today is worship day. Can we for once take a break from politics? We used to have a weekly Sunday Christian article here but it seems evil has clouded minds. Today, as a born again Christian I am showing love compassion and no hate for any of my haters. Yes including the hateful tribal upnd diasporas. I forgive them for today. God bless me and my enemies. Amen.

    Kaizar, x
    Currently in church in lusaka east area

  4. Today is w0rship day. Can we for once take a break from politics? We used to have a weekIy Sunday Chrilstian articIe here but it seems dem0ns have cIouded your minds. Today, as a b0rn again Chrlstian I am showing love c0mpassion and no hate for any of my haters. Yes incIuding the hatefuI tribaI upnd diasporas. I forgive them for today. G0d bless me and my enemies. Amen.

    Kaizar, x
    Currently in church in Iusaka east area

  5. Hangover and church is a tough mixture. I regret drinking like a fish last night. Oh God bless me

  6. You are one of them. Problem is you think we will usher saints in power. Not every Jim and Jack can lead. Definitely not every Jimima and Jacqueline can be voted for. Also voting in a totally blank fellow to plot 1 is a no no.
    Same this, same that hogwash isn’t message enough. Jobs for public service cannot/should not be subjected to trial and error.
    Definitely do nothings should not bounce back to power to. People we know go in power. I have been voting with my conscious. My bad, but in democracy, numbers pull and leaders get jobs.

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