Copperbelt Province Police Chief warns Political Parties

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi
Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi

The Zambia Police Service on the has sternly warned political parties in the province not to desist going with large numbers of supported during nominations. as this may cause commotion in the Province.

Stating that this may likely cause commotion in the region , Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi said to the contrary, the Electoral Commission of Zambia ( ECZ ) only allows 23 supporters per each nominated candidate.

“ It is unfortunate that some candidates and political parties are overzealous and are coming with youths from Compounds who are drunk hence causing confusions, it’s from here that Police officers happens to confront them in order for them to behave, “ he said.

In an interview with ZANIS today, Mr Chushi revealed that he has had a pep talk with aspiring candidates and political parties to ensure that they abide by the ECZ regulations.

Apart from this , the regional police Command pointed on the safety of the public saying the increased motorcades by supporters accompanying their aspiring candidates at nominations are likely to cause unnecessary traffic jams.

Mr Chushi however expressed satisfaction that no fatal road accidents in the region has been recorded since nominations started in the Province.

He has reminded aspiring candidates and their supporters to be orderly to avoid confusion and unnecessary traffic jam or else face the long arm of the law.

Zambia holds its general elections every five years.

This year the Electoral Commission of Zambia has set August 12, as the day for the polls.


  1. Why so many warnings warnings warnings everywhere…this is absolutely shambolic and an intimidating tactic because they know the opposition is bigger than the PF thugs…. I pray that the new government will change things in the police service. ZPS is there to protect and serve the Zambian people and not to intimidate them at every turn.

  2. Inzaghi you ka 2uvi. You ask why so many warnings? Well, it’s because we are dealing with ignorant arrogant tribal thugs in upnd who don’t listen to clear instructions. Remember the poor two souls were killed because hh didn’t listen and decided to take cadres to his police hearing

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