MQHZ welcomes genomic sequencing


The Medical Quality Healthcare in Zambia says the dynamic nature of COVID-19 makes genomic sequencing very vital in the fight against the pandemic.

MQHZ Director Quality Assurance Dr Mulenga Lwansa says the decision made by government to introduce genomic sequencing during the sampling of COVID-19 kits will help in identifying the existing COVID-19 variants in the country.

Genomic sequencing is a process that analyses the virus sample taken from a diagnosed patient and compares it with other cases.

ZANIS reports that Dr Lwansa revealed that introducing the method in Zambia is a welcome move, adding that it is in line with the global best practices.

Dr Lwansa added that the process is recommended by the World Health Organization, and will give the country better strategies on how to approach the pandemic.

“The virus keeps changing and evolving so we need to know the strain that we are having in Zambia so that we can better respond to it. It’s a good thing and it is recommended,” Dr Lwansa says.

Government yesterday announced that it has introduced genomic sequencing as part of the COVID-19 surveillance at various points of entry, hospitals and communities.

Meanwhile the MQHZ Director Quality Assurance has expressed concern with the levels of adherence to COVID-19 in public places.

“The public places, markets, stations and buses are posing a challenge regarding following the health measures,” Dr Lwansa says.


  1. Bill Gates himself said in a TED video presentation that if they do well with vaccinations they’ll reduce the population of the world by 10-15%. Either these Zambian Doctors are ignorant or they’ve been paid a lot of money to exterminate their own people.

  2. Well , show us the lab and the the scientist spearheading this! Not every Country can do genome sequencing accurately and scientifically. This is a lie!

    So you can only sequence the C19?! You are very strange human beings!

  3. Excellent scientific progress and development. As a man who comes from a scientific background I salute you and appreciate this development. Continue with your hard work

  4. Well if you intend to perform genomic sequencing on covid , how about cancer so you can provide Zambians with better and targeted therapies. These people no vision, so sad

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