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DEC officers attacked by irate residents of Kamano village


Three Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers and seven other people have been attacked by irate residents of Kamano village in Senior Chief Sailunga’s chiefdom in Mwinilunga district.

Northwestern Province Commissioner of Police, Joel Njase confirmed the incident in a statement issued to ZANIS today.

The officers had gone for operations in the area 80 kilometres from the central business district around 22:00 hours on Monday.

“This happened after the officers arrested two male suspects from the same Kamano village, and the incident occurred on May 18, 2021 around 11 hours,” he said.

Mr Njase explained that the incident happened after the officers arrested two individuals and on their way back found the road blocked by irate villagers who were armed with machetes, stones, bow and arrows, axes and catapults.

He said the officers tried to use another route and unfortunately their vehicle had a puncture, forcing them to abandon the vehicle and ran for their safety.

Mr Njase further said the mob then damaged the vehicle belonging to DEC, stole some parts from it and aided the two suspects who had been apprehended.

He added that Police managed to rescue all the victims and also visited the crime scene.

Mr Njase said a docket of malicious damage to government property has since been opened and investigations instituted.


  1. Can these thugs be locked up and taught a good lesson by our police. These thuggish behaviour is very reminiscent of the upnd thuggish mentality

  2. You need to investigate the underlying causes for this action as well. I suspect this is a case of some big officious people from the DEC going into a rural environment to try and nab ‘small fish’ desperately trying to survive through the cultivation of weed – people who may not have been supported in normal farming or other economic activity endeavours. There are so many such examples around the country – yet this regime claims development has happened by pointing to out of reach Malls, few roads in the Cities and a few rickety overhead bridges in Lusaka. Completely out of touch with the lives most people experience.

  3. You cant cash the 48 houses thieves and Dr Chilufya Honey Bee 17 million dollar alliance but you disrupting the sleep of poor villagers in the name of unknown operations…people are fed up with Lungu and PF thieves …really laughable!!

  4. Harold Muna – These bent DEC officers got their match they thought it was going to an easy night of payday to ransack ignorant rural chaps

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