Pambashe Socialist candidate joins PF on the Nomination day

Socialist Party Public Rally
Socialist Party Public Rally

Socialist Party Candidate for Pambashe Constituency in Kawambwa District, Luapula Province has defected to the Patriotic Front ( PF) on the nomination day.

Memory Kasoma says she has decided to withdraw from the race and join the PF after seeing the works which immediate past Member of Parliament Ronald Chitotela has done in the area.

ZANIS reports that Ms Kasoma explains that it is difficult to challenge Ronald Chitotela in Pambashe Constituency due to the developmental projects he has spearheaded so far in the area.

Speaking after announcing her defection to the PF, Ms Kasoma encouraged fellow electorates to continue supporting government for continued developmental progress.

And Pambashe Constituency Returning Officer Frank Malama disclosed that three political parties have managed to file in their nominations successfully.

Mr Malama explained that the candidate for the United Party for National Development (UPND) Justine Kapema was the first to file in his nominations.

He points out that Democratic Party candidate Ezekiel Kayuma was the second to file in his nominations followed by the candidate for Patriotic Front party Ronald Chitotela.

“The nominations were very peaceful and all the candidates were able to file in their nominations successfully without any challenges,” revealed Mr Malama.

Meanwhile PF Pambashe Constituency candidate Ronald Chitotela has called for peaceful campaigns in the area.

Mr Chitotela explained that no political party should promote any form of violence in the area, during and after the campaign period.

He pointed out that whoever is carrying out campaigns in the area is expected to ensure that they maintain peace.

Three political parties are participating in the Pambashe Constituency seat and they have all filed in their nominations.


  1. Typical show of last minute “empowerment”. Lungu’s dishonesty knows no bounds. And how a true socialist can end up in the corrupt PF camp I guess we will never know. Everybody has their price……

  2. Even the criminal crucified with Jesus Christ defected at the last minute. Better late than never

  3. I like the mood in Kawambwa. Peaceful nominations and peace must prevail throughout. Well done ECZ and candidates for maintaining peace. We are but one people with different opinions and choices. Let’s respect that. Come 12 Aug let the people of Pambashe and indeed entire country cast their votes peacefully without fear or intimidation. One Zambia one Nation One People.

  4. Why get adopted and only defect on the last day? That is a sign of being insincere and unprincipled. Not that it matters because you were not going toin anyway!

  5. What a insincere and insensitive person she is. Is it only on the nomination day that she has known that the previous MP did a lot. I can only smell dollars in her pocket. Poverty can reduce people to beggars or corrupt.

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