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President Lungu congratulates Councillors


President Edgar Lungu has congratulated Councillors who have gone unopposed in the recently held nominations and only await 12th August, 2021 to officially take office.

President Lungu says Councilors winning unopposed is a sign that PF is more ready for the elections than its opponents.

Mr Lungu says the recent development is a clear demonstration that the PF is an organised party.

The President was speaking in Lusaka today, when he officially launched the PF National Campaign.

“This is a clear sign that it is only the PF who are ready for these elections countrywide. Trust me, this electoral success we have recorded this month at nomination stage is the same we shall finish with after 12th August, 2021,” President Lungu said.

And the President announced that that the official theme song for the campaign is “Alebwelelapo Pamupando” by the PF Women Choir.

Meanwhile President Lungu has expressed confidence that when the PF’s manifesto is implemented, the Zambian economy will rebound.

President Lungu who acknowledged that the economy has suffered shocks owing to the COVID-19 pandemic among other factors, saying the party manifesto which was recently launched has the solution.

Mr Lungu says among the issues contained in the manifesto are reserving specific jobs for Zambians.

“Some of the goals include reserving for Zambians, specific businesses, such as timber logging, mining of gold, manganese, precious and semi-precious minerals, trading in live chickens at markets, quarrying, block-making, commercial cleaning, saloons, barber shops, domestic haulage and local road transportation,” he said.

And the President said the composition of various candidates standing on the PF ticket shows that the party is inclusive.

Mr Lungu said marginalized groups like women, youths and the disabled have been considered by the party.

He said the party is more inclusive than any other party vying for political office.

“Inclusiveness is the hallmark of the Patriotic Front party. That is why the disabled and other marginalized people in society have been adopted among our candidates in these coming elections,” Mr Lungu said.


  1. What a joker. You think people take you serious anymore? What do you know about the economy?

  2. How can you congratulate candidates who have gone unopposed in a democracy …really sad…your junior in your party threatened violence on a taxpaying Zambian citizen and you are mute, you lack leadership acumen to take Zambia forward.

  3. Lazy Lungu would rather talk about anything else rather than condemn the utterances of his PF thug soldier Kamba …we dont need another 5 years of ineptness

  4. This moderation that takes 8 hours..,very disappointing really. They should improve or we leave them.,that KZ posts profanity and tribal comments and is always the first to get through. This is supposed to be interactive!

  5. This moderation that takes 8 hours..,very disappointing really. They should improve or we leave them.,that KZ posts profanity and tribal comments and is always the first to get through. This is supposed to be interactive!

  6. Lungu stated that Covid-19 is the cause of the economy in problems. Like the economy wasn’t in tatters before Covid-19? What a hypocrite! Thank the Lord that August 12 is not far off……

  7. Mercury don’t be a f00I. I post the truth without fear or favour that is why LT don’t moderate me. They only moderate tribalists and thugs like you upnd diasporans

  8. Adding to what his excellence has explained, Zambians should be encouraged to invest in small hydropower generations and let us generate ,many times MW than we are doing today,, [ we are blessed with running water other countries do not have this resource], invest in motor related products [ we have copper, manganese, Iron others do not have], invest in chemical manufacturing plants in each province , invest in manufacturing stock bricks for township roads, construction of small bridges in rural areas there is just work for everyone to contribute economy rebound. We should maintain the same momentum on Palm oil, cassava-ethanol, Solar power. We should be determined even to manufacture turbine and mining explosives.

  9. The difference between animals and human beings is that animals will never ever allow the dumbest among them to lead them! Imagine in the cow community, would a lousy diminutive cow like Chiluba or the current dumb fool ever lead the crawl? Most Zambians are dumbest fools compared to cows, I now know how HH feels being Kachema like me.

  10. Kaiser you are a backward tribalist it’s corruption all over us$30 million lost at airforce no comment.
    You can’t stop the wind of change

  11. The only reason PF is attractive to hyenas is they ganked KCM from the indians to use as a cash cow for elections………

    Me thinks KCM does not have enough money to bribe the whole country…….


  13. Why HH complaining of compaigningn now when he said Lungu should lock the country? HH wanted Zambia to be locked down but today he wants to campaign. This man is not a leader. He wanted people to die so that they can raise against the govt.So why is he complaining now.PF please use the video and decampaign this man.He wanted total lock down therefore let him sit home.

  14. PF members are confident because they know that the ruling party has won the heart of Zambians which is more important than winning the elections.

  15. Only dull people will be voting Hichilema who lacks vision, he published a stolen manifesto in the name of development. How pathetic this is!

  16. When UPND members refused to trust HH and left the party then how we Zambians can trust his tall talks!

  17. If we study UPND and his election campaign and strategies, we will realize that only based on fake stories, videos, images, President Lungu’s eligibility, violence, and blame game, the party is surviving. Unlike PF that only focused or committed on development and people’s benefit, and ignored all the dirty games of HH.

  18. Even HH knows that he cannot win against President Lungu that is why he is digging old case of the President’s eligibility to contest the elections, filing petitions again and again. Even though in 2016 the constitutional court ruled in favor of Mr. Lungu and ordered that he is eligible to contest the 2021 election as he will be serving his second term and not third as per the law!

  19. Hichilema is still following the old method of manipulating Zambians, he must have known by now that Zambians are smart enough, plus we all have an internet connection where all truth and lies are filtered by publishing facts. Nothing is hidden now, we know all the dirty crimes of HH and all development projects under President Lungu’s administration!!!

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