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Malawi commends Zambia’s rural electrification programme


The Malawian government has commended Zambia for its robust rural electrification program through the Rural Electrification Authority (REA).

Director, in the Ministry of Energy, says his government will emulate the strategies that Zambia and REA adopted to connect rural parts of Malawi.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Chiwambo was speaking when a delegation from the Ministry of Energy in Malawi, Energy Regulation Board (ERB) and REA toured Kampekete Solar mini-grid project in Chongwe District of Lusaka province today.

He stated that his team decided to visit Zambia to appreciate the developments being carried out as well as to learn and share ideas and experiences with regards to energy generation.

“Zambia and Malawi have signed various policies and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). We would like to emulate and copy this successes story to serve the people of Malawi”, he said.

He said his government has resolved to set up a similar organisation to REA, to increase the country’s access rate to electricity to over 40 percent by 2030.

REA Director Engineering, Patrick Mubanga, said his Organisation is committed to ensuring more people especially in the rural areas have access to electricity.

He explained that from the time REA signed an MoU with Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF), a total of 1,500 solar milling plants have been erected across the country with over 850 operating well.


  1. Sustainable Energy Access to the urban and rural communities is crucial to unlock the potential and also harvest opportunities in this digital era. Policy consistency is key to create an enabling environment for independent decentralised power systems. The cost of those solar mills is way above the average one can deliver the same equipment.

  2. Surely Malawi you are better than this…how can you commend a programme that been going on for 50 + years without conclusion and seems to pick up every time during election years…even in this age of solar power panels they still have to pull cables from the National Grid.

  3. How strange it is! Other countries are praising our projects and even planning to implement in their own country. And some fools in Zambia called President Lungu’s government a failed one!

  4. Not just the rural electrification program, there are several programs initiated by President Edgar Lungu that are successful today and it is full of inspiration to other countries.

  5. Let’s appreciate the fact that our nation is setting an example of development in the world. All because of President Edgar Lungu.

  6. His Excellency has indeed made a strong foundation for the country. When there is continuous electricity, water, gold security, and land then foreign companies will open the door to invest in Zambia! This is huge!!!

  7. We know that the opposition followers will be voting for President Lungu, after all, they also want development and an improved lifestyle.

  8. This is proof that our government system is intelligent and strong enough to deal with Zambia’s issue and takes it forward!

  9. Many African countries are still struggling to improve their standard of living. But, Zambia is one of the countries that has come a long way and marking its identity in the international market.

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