Chief Shikabeta clears air over villagers’ displacement fears

Her royal Highness Chieftaniss shikabeta talks to Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo when he paid a courtesy call on her in Rufunsa district

Chief Shikabeta of the Soli people in Rufunsa district has assured traders doing business in the gold area of Kawombo that they will not be displaced despite them paying loyalties to chief Chembe of Luano district.

Speaking during a meeting with the traders yesterday, chief Shikabeta said his chiefdom was a peaceful area hence anyone can settle freely. He urged everyone in the area to embrace the One Zambia, One Nation motto and promote development.

And Rufunsa District Commissioner, Judith Chama and a Shikabeta Royal Establishment Committee member, Philip Mutantika said the boundary wrangles between chiefs Shikabeta and Chembe were resolved by government.

Mrs. Chama urged the traders to freely start putting up structures and trade freely. She said the land dispute was settled at the government level during a meeting held in Lusaka in March this year.

She told the traders that they can choose either to trade from Shikabeta’s or Chembe’s chiefdoms.

Mrs. Chama said chief Shikabeta has given the traders plots to construct shops and urged them to put up permanent structures that will add beauty to the area.

She has meanwhile advised that no one should levy the traders apart from the council.

And Shikabeta Royal Establishment Committee member, Philip Mutantika said those that got farming land from chief Chembe should continue staying on their plots until village headmen are appointed by chief Shikabeta to formalize everything.

Meanwhile, Infinity Mining Limited General Manager, Zaheer Patel said his company is committed to working with government in creating jobs and enhancing development.

Mr. Patel said the company will employ people not only from Rufunsa but the entire country.

He said the company will contribute to the development of the area by putting up schools, health posts, water and a police post.