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Police in Solwezi Summon UPND National Youth Chairman Gilbert Liswaniso over unlawful rallies


United Party for National Development (UPND) National Youth Chairman Gilbert Liswaniso was yesterday summoned by Solwezi police and questioned over the alleged holding of unlawful rallies in the Province.

Responding to the summons a defiant Mr Liswaniso, however, said that there nothing wrong with meeting people and mobilising party structures ahead on the 12 August elections in a democratic dispensation like Zambia.

“We are operating within the confines of the law and we will continue meeting the people on the ground and organise party structures. We are not holding any illegal gatherings but simply reaching out to the suffering Zambians,” he said said.

Mr. Liswaniso reminded Zambians to open their eyes to see the evil, confusion and anarchy the PF has sown in the country.

“They are using the police and the Public Order Act to suppress and disadvantage the opposition, mainly the UPND. They have forgotten that the August election is not between the UPND and the PF but it is a battle between the good and evil, the suffering Zambians and the PF,” he said.

Mr. Liswaniso, however, assured the police that the UPND will always engage them as long as they work in a professional manner.

“It is disheartening to see the PF use youths to orchestrate violence in the country. We as UPND youths are so committed and resolved to stop political violence by encouraging politics of ideas. We have witnessed PF thugs coming to our meetings with intentions to provoke our youths so that they respond, but we have disciplined youths who have said no to violence,” he said.


  1. Upndead don’t be adamant just restrategize.
    This rally thing won’t help you at all.
    If Covid-19 is true, which you also agree it is; you know that simple Covid-19 protocols like keep one meter apart and avoid group which a rally subscribe to are super spreaders of SARS-CoV-2, the most dreaded disease, leaves you with no option but restrategizing.
    Are you gonna continue running battles with law enforcers just to get to power?
    Amazing. Learn from INDIA and BRAZIL AND DONALD’S USA.

  2. ECZ declared the 90 day Campaign Period b4 the August 12 Elections. Has ECZ cancelled the 90 day Campaign Period? If the Campaign Period still stands then ECZ should publish Guidelines for Campaigning during this period. ECZ should come out clear on this. Have they banned Rallies? Shouldn’t they issue Covid-19 Guidelines for Rallies. ECL launched PF Campaign at Mulungushi Conference and multitudes of PF Supporters attended that Launch and were seen maskless and not social distancing. Why is ZPS banning the UPND Alliance Campaign Launch on the CB? ECL has weoponised Covid-19 to ban Campaigns by the Opposition Parties during the Official Campaign Period. Opposition Parties are not allowed to flight their Campaign messages on ZNBC and State Media. ZPS has banned Rallies and…

  3. What do you expect from the PF police? They need cleaning up and retaining, Kampyongo and Kanja under the supervision of Lungu have distorted everything .

  4. “….the August election is not between the UPND and the PF but it is a battle between the good and evil, the suffering Zambians and the PF,….”
    Oh gosh, yaba oh yaba!! This is distorted thinking. This is bigotry. This is a prelude to the brutal vengence and backlash that would happen if upnd got into power. It’s the notion of labelling your political opponents as ‘evil’ that is worrying. It’s upnd’s willingness to use lies, misinformation and distortion of the truth to make PF look black and ‘evil’ that is dangerous in case they happen to possess the Instruments of Power. When those seeking power use lies and deception to possess it, the outcome is disastrous for the people. Beware, vote wisely.

  5. Just continue campaigning …let them arrest you and charge as many as they want let’s see which Magistrate apart from that corrupt magistrate David Simusamba will tolerate such cases..all opposition parties should just carry on regardless. PF already planned for this in cities that’s why the militarised the Police.

  6. Zambian Citizen – Where in the world have you seen election campaigns being banned by an interested Party? Even in the States they never needed Police permission its only themselves that decided to reduce rallies when the pandemic was severe in Zambia its not even close to that. Why cant you be honest with yourself for once.

  7. Last time we heard of Zambia procuring vaccines was 4 months ago and nothing happened apart from donations of those 280,000 vaccines….they have been quiet instead the inept leader is issuing silly directives.

  8. ECZ are in charge of these Elections and yet they impotent. ECZ is leaving ECL a Candidate in this Election to direct these Elections. ECL is now a Referee and a Player at the same time. This is illegal and not fair. International Election Monitors and Observers should intervene otherwise these Elections are already rigged under their watch. ECZ should lead instead of accepting directives from ECL. There has been Elections in several countries under Covid-19 conditions but no country has banned Rallies. We are in the Official 90 day Campaign Period so Political Parties should be allowed to Campaign freely as long as they adhere to WHO Covid-19 Guidelines for Elections. WHO doesn’t allow the weoponisation of Covid-19 for Election purposes. How can Zambia have free,fair and credible…

  9. A very fooIish ignorant bab00n who is putting others lives at risk. Ba police can you ensure you teach this son of a bltch a lesson. F.u.c.k. him up

  10. UPND campaigns pa grassroots are marred with violence. Top leadership must resolve this issue. They move with taser guns, pangaaz and all sorts of weapons. I have witnessed this, if the party is serious about winning this election, they must learn to solicit for votes and not intimidation.

  11. Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans Corruption scandals: 48 Houses Social Security Cash Luxury Presidential Jet Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Unbelievable! In the middle of the pandemic when COVID-19 was wrecking havoc across the globe, Lungu was trotting the country in the name of “working visit” holding massive campaign rallies. The opposition couldn’t do the same because they were told campaigns had not officially started or COVID-19 restrictions barred them.
    Now he wants to stop his opponents from campaigning just so he can easily win and steal the elections. What dnmb playbook is this? Why didn’t they postpone the elections if campaigns were not going to be allowed.
    Lungu wants to use the police, ECZ and ConCourt to just bulldoze his way into a 3rd term. Unbelievable!

  12. Zambians are very gullible people, easy to be lied to. The SI 21 and 22 clearly states the restrictions on crowding and following health protocols in the pandemic era. So for this ignoramous fo.ol to dare the police about holding rallies, leaves me so furious. God give me the authority to teach these idi.ots that Covid19 is not a joke. Let them and their families be infected with the virus so that they learn a bitter lesson.

  13. The stresses of the pandemic is everywhere, we are seeing loss of life everywhere. In Zambia, at the moment and regardless of him being a presidential candidate, ECL has to stand up for what is right. ECL is right to ban rallies in the midst of deadly virus that can be transmitted by being close to each other.

  14. LT again you are tolerating the UK based troll…if it was some of us posting profanity our alias would have been banned. You can do this with the UK based impostor but you fear it. You know it has no responsibility to that name or affiliation to the ruling party but you still tolerate it.

  15. Garlic – How many lives have you seen lost in the last 7 days? I told you to take a sabbatical from LT so you can study in the library but you keep coming back!!

  16. PF are playing Russian roulette and this will back fire less rallies means more door to door and more social media…more social media means more young voters will be reading so called fake news on ZWD and other influencers like Tayali and Seer 1 …so far with this two week Prison holiday for prisoners is back firing on them after the news of the recent murders of those women. Even on a quiet week PF easily decamp themselves by just one thug opening his mouth or brandishing cash from Mvunga and KCM.

  17. We are in a democratic country, it is true. But that doesn’t mean you will behave as you want. There is a certain responsibility that every person must follow. No one can take the law and lives for granted.

  18. How shamefully Mr. Liswaniso is saying that we will continue meeting people! UPND is now organizing huge rallies that are bound to be super-spreaders for coronavirus!!! You people are even putting Hitler to shame!

  19. We, the people of this nation are demanding the arrest of the thugs for setting a major death trap for the millions of people. HH is all set to kill us for his personal benefit. #Selfish #Bally

  20. What UPND thinks? If they conduct the rallies people will vote for HH??? Never! The party doesn’t have strong and popular MPs like PF! On one side there are strong PF MPs and the other side has unpopular MPs like Jack Mwimbu, Cornelius Mweetwa, Douglas Syakalima, Garry Nkombo, and so on!

  21. Violence, corruption, cheating, all bad things are links with UPND. Even they have burned their own pullovers and billboards, spread violence, etc., and blamed PF.

  22. Mr. Liswaniso says that UPND will always engage with police if they work in a professional manner??? Zambia police always work professionally without anybody’s influence. UPND crashing laws, orders, and the Covid-19 protocols they are talking about professional manner? JOKE!

  23. Simply reaching out to the suffering Zambians???? Why UPND supporters have this wrong assumption that Zambians are suffering? Why they always impose their so-called thoughts on us?

  24. I don’t understand, why Mr. Liswaniso is dragging PF in this matter? UPND conducted illegal rallies, and so the police are questioning them. What the ruling party has to do with it?

  25. ECZ should issue a Public Statement clarifying whether or not any gatherings or rallies during the 90 day Campaign Period are now unlawful? Has ECZ cancelled the 90 day Campaign Period? If so how should Political Parties disseminate their Campaign messages? How is that ECL launched PF Campaign at Mulungushi Conference Centre and multitudes of PF Supporters attended that Launch. Was that gathering not a Covid-19 Super Spreader? Does the ban in these gatherings or Apply to Opposition Parties only? Is this way free,fair,credible and peaceful Elections are conducted? Many countries held Elections recently and no Country ever banned Rallies. Political Parties must freely disseminate their Campaign messages to voters. What is happening in Zambia is out of this World. International…

  26. People are talking a lot about covid-19
    Any one to answer me please
    1. How many people or What percentage is following covid-19 guidelines?
    2. I visited several places, out of ten only 1 person wears a mask!! True or false
    3. 1m apart is it followed? go in bus station, markets

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