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RTSA suspends all spinning and drifting motor sporting events


The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has with immediate effect suspended all spinning and drifting motor sporting events in the country until safety standards are improved.

RTSA Director and Chief Executive Officer Gladwell Banda says the move follows an accident recorded yesterday in which a male spectator was killed after the driver who was taking part in spinning and drifting lost control of the vehicle and careered off the course rushing into a group of spectators.

He says a number of spectators were also injured in the accident which involved a Toyota Altezza which was being driven by a man identified as Nason Kapambala at National Sports Development Centre-NASDEC.

Mr. Banda has conveyed a message of condolences to the bereaved family, describing the accident as tragic and unfortunate.

And Police have identified the deceased as 37 years old Mulenga Chiti.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo says Mr. Chiti sustained fatal injuries after the accident and was pronounced dead upon arrival at UTH.

Ms. Katongo has also identified the injured as George Chulu aged 33years of Woodlands who sustained multiple cuts on the right leg and Chongo Bwembya of Emmasdale who sustained fractured legs.


  1. Before this I did not even believe this was sanctioned by any entity. This is now so shocking I can only ask for resignations and prosecutions in any order. This should also indicate this has been going on for sometime.

  2. They should also ban people who drive whilst dancing without controlling the steering wheel with their hands for the sake of F a c e b o o k likes

  3. This f00lishness needs to be permanently banned. What is even more shocking is that old people attend this childish events. This is what diasporans have brought to Zambia. A culture of f00Iishness. Let us not copy it

  4. This f00Iishness needs to be permanently banned. What is even more shocking is that old people attend this childish events. This is what diasporans have brought to Zambia. A culture of f00Iishness. Let us not copy it

  5. Long over due. NASDEC should be held responsible for activities on their premises. It seems they had blessed this activity because it has been running for some years now. In times like these, circumstances should shape how we conduct ourselves, how we go about doing business, educating our youth and many more. But alas, we won’t learn from this. We will go on arguing about voting and other things.

  6. Who signs on the go ahead with such Sports without first thinking about the safety of the spectators. Safety measures and proper standards should have been the first things to be considered before the sport itself. You don’t need to wait for such an incident to happen for you to realise how dangerous the sport is to the fans. I also blame the so called spectators, how do you attend such an event without thinking about your safety first incase things went bad.

  7. That’s Zambia and RTSA for you everything is reactive….these guys are not even breathalysed and they are no tyre and solid barriers.
    By the way has RTSA even got a CEO after that chap was sacked …what of his case what happened to it?

  8. @Kaizer why post same comment multiple times, that behavior is like spinning the car several times!!

  9. Any event can result into an accident, RTSA should come up with safety standards to be put in place before allowing restarting of the sporting activities. The sport is ok lets not condemn it because there was loss of life and injuries. Zambia should not be left out. Some few years ago many people died at the Independence stadium after a stamped a world cup qualifier against Sudan. RTSA should not be swayed by negative comments but instead try to enhance safety standards and competencies of the co-drivers. I am certain if the co-driver was competent he would have controlled the car. My heart goes out to the family of Mulenga Chiti. and wish quick recovery for those who got injured during the sporting event.

  10. We used to watch such things at the trade fair grounds in Ndola in the 70s.The audience sat safely in the terraces and the pitch where motor vehicles did their stunts was surrounded with rail tracks barriers and old tyres.The fire brigade and their water vehicles would water down the pitch prior to the event and give any rescue services if needed.I never saw any vehicle maim let alone fatally harm anyone in the audience.Some vehicles would lose control and it was part of the entertainment but safeguards were there to keep the vehicles within the arena no matter what.

  11. Why don’t they suspend all vehicles from movement when one is involved in a road accident? Us we enjoyed it it was just unfortunate that day and that’s how life works accidents happen.

  12. now you need to have patrol officers to catch those racing and drifting cars in neighbourhoods at night…what you people paid for kanshi

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