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Zambia is determined to hold a credible election that will be accepted by the people and observers-Wina


Republican Vice President Inonge Mutukwa Wina says the country is determined to hold a credible election that will be accepted by the people and observers.

Mrs Wina has also expressed confidence in Zambia’s preparedness to hold the August 2021 General Elections in line with the provisions of the constitution and other relevant regional and international instruments on the promotion of democratic values and Principles.

She says Zambia is committed to the principles and tenets of good governance and democracy and has already invited election observers from SADC, AU, EU, common Wealth Secretariat, COMESA and the Great Lakes Region.

‘‘We look forward to an election where everyone should come out and observe the health regulation and an outcome that will be acceptable to all Zambians. As a party in power we are open to an election result which reflects the will of the people,’’ She said.

The Vice President was speaking when Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General to the African Union and Head of the UN office to the AU Hanna Tetteh paid a courtesy call on her.

Ms Tetteh is in the country to consult with Government and other stakeholders on UN’s continuing assistance in addressing all national priorities and maintaining a peaceful national environment during this period and beyond.

And Mrs Wina said the Covid pandemic pose a challenge to the established electoral practice and social wellbeing of the citizens.
She said Government will continue to urge citizens and all stakeholders observe the set health guidelines to prevent the spread of the pandemic during the campaign and the election period.

Meanwhile, Ms Tetteh said the UN is aware of the challenges posed by the Covid 19 pandemic on elections following the holding of 19 elections on the African continent last year under such conditions.

She said the elections can be the beginning of super spreader events if not well managed.

“The important thing is that whatever measures have been developed by the key stakeholders within the public service with the engagement of other actors is that those principles are applied consistently,’’ She said.

She has also stated that the UN will be open to facilitate dialogue among political players if called upon.

Ms Tetteh is also optimistic that the country will continue to be a good example with regards to leadership and democracy on the African continent.

And in response, the Vice President said continued collaboration with the UN office in Lusaka will go a long way in ensuring that the country comes out with elections that will be acceptable.

‘‘Ensuring that the measures are applied consistently and fairly will minimise any concerns among political players. We will do our best as Government to ensure that the playing field is levelled.

We will try to engage the opposition to adhere to some of these regulation set out by the Electoral Commission of Zambia and other stakeholders with regards to the observance of Covid 19 rules and regulations,” She said.


  1. And we will do exactly that my mother. To that end, we will not allow any evil forces, especially those in upnd ,to bring about any confusion. We have asked our police force to ensure that they use whatever reasonable force they can to ensure peace. We know upnd are planning chaos. Ba police you are well funded and equipped. Use that equipment wisely. Thank you

  2. When the fraud convict moron lawyer lungu wants to lie to the international community , he usually pushes this old senile witch infront ……..

  3. This old cow needs to be put in a retirement home after investigating her wealth from illicit crime of proceeds.

    All these PF cockroaches have amassed wealth through stealing and corruption.

    Like that bafoon owning 30 flats and 14 trucks. As if these assets dropped from heaven.

  4. Please this senile old hen Bo Inonge the sooner she is out of that office the better …her husband must be constantly be spinning in his grave every time she lies to the media!!

  5. Let ECZ do a good job this time.unlike last time we found people inside playing rhumba.
    Let them have a target of three days to Declare a winner not two

  6. Elections don’t become free,fair and credible becoz PF says so. Actions speak louder than words. Hypocrisy will not make Credible Elections a Reality. ECL is using the Covid-19 Pandemic to ban Opposition Rallies during the 90 day Campaign Period while PF continues to hold disguised Rallies even without adhering to the Covid-19 Guidelines. Freedom of Assemble is a prerequisite for Credible Elections and Opposition Parties should be allowed disseminate their Campaign messages and Manifestos to the Voters. People are Angry and Hungry for a change of Govt. HH and UPND Alliance will provide that hope. Another 5 years with cruel, thuggish, incompetent and Visionless ECL will be suicidal for Zambians. Zambians on August 12 should liberate themselves from ECL Dictatorship by sending…

  7. How will PF hold Elections that will be held Credible by the People Election Observers and Monitors? ECL has banned opposition Rallies during the 90 day Campaign Period but PF continues to Campaign. People can see this selective application of Covid-19 Restrictions and will punish PF by giving HH and UPND Alliance a sympathy vote. People want a change of Govt on August 12 no matter what PF does. People are Angry and Hungry for a change of Govt and tired of PF Corruption,Violence,mismanagement of the Economy. On August 12 ECL will be sent “ku wire “. HH and UPND Alliance will provide Zambians with hope. HH aka Bally will fix it.

  8. Some people are hypocrites. They are the ones that bring confusion because the moment they realize that results are not coming out in their favour they violently storm some polling stations to cause confusion there and manipulating the results. And that’s what they did in 2016. They are too scared to lose power. They know the consequences. Shame on them!

  9. Sound nite, sound nite! Zambia can not have credible elections! PF engineered electoral register, no coverage of opposition leaders on state media, vote buying going on by PF, civil servants like KZ illegally campaigning for PF and a clearly useless and toothless ECZ.

  10. We are in an Official 90 day Campaign Period where Political Parties are allowed to Campaign freely and sell the Manifestos and messages to voters. ECZ is the Election Manager who should be given the room to run these Elections impartially and make them free,fair and credible. ECL and VEEP Wina should stop interfering with the management of these Elections thru illegal directives to ECZ. The International Election Monitors and Observers are here and are watching you. As long as Rallies are held under Covid 19 Guidelines; they should be allowed. Are People not going to queue up and cast their votes becoz of Covid-19 Pandemic on August 12? All Political Parties should adhere to ECZ Covid-19 Guidelines. Period.

  11. Right now they are preventing HH to enter CB for his Campaigns. Kopala is ready to welcome HH and UPND Alliance to their Campaign Launch. ECL is scared to see multitudes of Kopalas gracing the Launch. What ECL doesn’t know is that Macmillan’s wind of Change is blowing across Zambia. This time around around whether ECL likes it or not 60% of CB and LP votes will go to HH and UPND Alliance becoz People are dying for a Change of Govt. The high cost of living,PF burning Markets and Gassing People,Corruption, PF violence and lawlessness etc have made ECL and PF very unpopular. The writing is on the wall.

  12. This election is already mismanaged without any hope of being free and fair. In an election candidates must face the people and make promises of what they will for them if elected- this is the premise of any election. Candidates must freely traverse the country in soliciting for votes. The democratic space has already been closed out by the pf rendering the election a song contest without any substance at all. Just how did we get to this low beloved Zambia.

  13. Even before the polling date there is already total unfairness towards the opposition yet this woman is saying they will have free and fair elections. God give her eyes!

  14. What Sishuwa Sishuwa and EIU Report predicted is already happening. Banning of Opposition Rallies will soon lead to violence. People are angry with this PF selective application of Rules and laws. ECL is so desperate to win this Election after stealing a Third Term for himself. With the AG doing ECL’s bidding no joy is expected from the State Captured Courts. The writing is on the wall.

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