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Chitondo warns independent candidates using PF regalia and symbol as they conduct campaigns


Ndola district PF chairperson Benjamin Chitondo has warned independent aspiring candidates against using the party regalia and symbol as they conduct campaigns.

Mr. Chitondo warns that the party in the district will not tolerate any independent aspiring candidates to use their symbol or campaign materials as they have resigned from the party.

Mr Chitondo in an in an interview said independent aspiring candidates should come up with their own symbols as well as campaign materials.

The same way they resigned from the party in the same manner they should handover the PF campaign materials in their custody back to the part as they no longer belong to PF.

“We are not threatening them, all we are asking them is to stop using our party campaign materials and our symbol,” he said.

He added that he has already engaged some of the independent aspiring candidates for them not to use the PF campaign materials and symbol as they are attracting people on their side using PF.

And Mr. Chitondo has said the campaigns are peaceful in the district as both the PF and opposition are following the guidelines stipulated by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and the police.

He explained that the PF is also sticking to the COVID-19 preventive measures as the party attaches great importance to the health of all Zambians.

Following the official announcement of adopted candidates for the 12 August polls by PF Secretary Davies, a number of an adopted candidates in the country have opted to contest as independent candidates.


  1. Why would independent candidates want to be seen associated with the most incompetent and unpopular PF? Sounds like suicide to me!

  2. Maybe that’s the only way they will be allowed to campaign freely without Police interference

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