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Malupenga warns resident doctors participating in the current go-slow; your demands will not be met


Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga has warned resident doctors participating in the current go-slow that their demands will not be met if they continue to put the government under duress.

Mr. Malupenga said procedure has to be followed for all civil servants to air their grievances rather than inciting the public to rise against the government.

He was speaking on a special interview which also featured Permanent Secretaries from Ministry of Health and Public Service Management Division on HOT FM radio this morning.

Mr. Malupenga said although the resident doctors have a right to speak about their plight, health workers are classified as essential workers who are supposed to provide uninterrupted service even in the middle of a catastrophe as they took oath.

“They will face the consequences if they continue to abrogate the rules of engagement. Putting government under duress is a wrong route and we will not give them any desired result,” he said.

He stated that there are procedures which should be followed in government noting that the demands cannot all be met at the same time.

Mr. Malupenga noted that doctors are not the only essential workers who are being owed leave travel benefits, gratuity and settling-in allowances.

He said the union leaders have shunned the negotiating table which is supposed to address their grievances.

“They have said that they will not resume normal operations until they receive money in their pockets but that is not how government operates. There are procedures to be followed in making payments and the K200 million which was released was not only for the doctors but all civil servants,” he said.

And Public Service Management Division Permanent Secretary Boniface Chimbwali said all civil servants will be treated equally in the payment of the outstanding personal related emoluments.

Mr. Chimbwali noted that payments will be made in chronological order saying those who first qualified to get their dues will be the ones to be paid first.

He stated that K15 million was released to the Ministry of Health and that it is for all workers under the ministry and not only the doctors.

“You need to understand that over K800 million is owed to employees under the Ministry of Health, and the dismantling of these funds will be done in a systematic manner,” he said.

Mr. Chimbwali noted that the K200 million that was released to dismantle the arrears is not a result of the pressure by the resident doctors but that it is an issue that has been under discussion for a long time.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Kennedy Malama said the Resident Doctors Association of Zambia has gone out of its terms of reference by demanding that government employs 500 doctors.

“The union is supposed to be interested with issues regarding people who are in employment and not those who have not been employed,” he said.

Dr. Malama said when one chooses to leave their lane, they risk being misunderstood to be politically charged.

He maintained that the government has shown willingness to address some of the outstanding issues and that there is a need for the doctors to remain patient.

“Government has been dismantling the arrears and at the same time, it has been employing health workers,” he said.


  1. Let us examine where we are coming from permanent secretaries, 5 years ago in 2016, Doctors intended to go on go-slow, however it was agreed by the ministry and RDAZ that the owed arrears would be cleared in the phases manner. This is 2021 we are still waiting for phase 1. Yes dialogue is cardinal but not when the other party is not willing to honour its end. The previous executives have engaged the ministry through the years with nothing to show for it.. evidence and position papers are there for all to see.The government is not behind held at ransom no, let us address the grievances and not reacting emotionally issues that clearly should have been dealt with way back. Stitching the anus to stop diarrhea is not the solution permanent secretaries sirs.

  2. Malupenga is showing typical corrupt PF government behaviour. Go on my friend, Zambian voters are now seeing the true face of this thieving government, and will punish you on August 12! Doctors, hold on, we are with you, just wait for these corrupt PF-ers to be kicked out!

  3. Pay the doctors!!! Alot of money has been used to pay cadres instead of doctors. Where are your priorities!!! Doctors hold on, help is on the way, 12th August

  4. Mwalupenga talks like a Politician rather than a Civil Servant. Is he one of the PF Cadres infiltrated into the Civil Service?One would have expected Mwalupenga to be sympathetic to the plight of fellow Civil Servants who are Drs. How come there is no Solidarity among Civil Servants? PF Cadres like Mwalupenga should be removed from a Professional Civil Service. He must join his fellow Politicians at the PF Secretariat.

  5. Chi Amos is indeed a f0ol, instead of siding with Zambia he takes a route of the likes of idyots like Kamba and Lusambo. Thugs say such things.

  6. One wonders how much these permanent secretaries are owed by the government in salary and allowance arrears?
    Let them demonstrate this, and the resident Doctors will know that they are together in this phased clearing of arrears.

  7. 3 flag No Corruption Zambia June 3, 2021 At 7:20 am
    Malupenga is showing typical corrupt PF government behaviour. Go on my friend, Zambian voters are now seeing the true face of this thieving government, and will punish you on August 12! Doctors, hold on, we are with you, just wait for these corrupt PF-ers to be kicked out!

    I like how you put it bro but I must add that it seems PF have already rigged the elections and are very sure they are ruling again. PF guys like Amos don’t know what is right or wrong because they have become so corrupt that they don’t care anymore. The Zambian people are the same resident doctors you want to punish. They are the same voters. It’s so sad.

  8. Mistreat, threaten, and refuse to pay doctors, while dishing out millions and millions to cadres who contribute zero to the wellbeing of the country.

    Arrest doctors and lock them up, while releasing criminals and murderers from mukobeko.

    Buy thousands of bicycles for cadres, but don’t buy medicines and PPE in hospitals.

    What a country. Reminiscent of the old communist totalitarian states.
    And you will always have immoral, self serving, greedy minions that will trumpet, parrot and threaten any perceived opposition.
    Cadres are free to break the law at any time, but Doctors are not free to ask for their wages.
    Cadres are paid millions for being destructive murderers. Doctors must starve for being life savers.

  9. This is not time for warnings but engaging for a lasting solution. Why threatening people for demanding their dues. You Doctors also should have a heart for the people by treading cautiously. Dont just put tools down but take the correct procedure to be head.

  10. There is a word for forcing people to work without pay!

    If this government can’t pay it’s doctors, what right do they have to govern?

  11. When is the 11th day coming kanshi? These chaps should be fired and replaced. We have lots of doctors roaming the streets that are job-hunting.

    I repeat: when the 11th day comes, don’t waste time. Just fire them and let the nation move on.

    If you don’t fire them on that day, ninshi chapwa mwabatumpika. It will be a cancer you will live to regret in the long run.

  12. What is the use to have infrastructure if workers are not being paid? Is that the way economy is developed? PF you have just de- campaigned itself. You cannot blame doctors to go on go slow strike for failing to pay doctors since 2016. That is injustice by the government.

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