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Zambia Police advises the General Public to ignore verbal call outs


Deputy Zambia Police Service spokesperson, Danny Mwale, has advised the general public not to respond to verbal call outs by any his officers.

Mr Mwale says general public should ignore any phone callouts since this is not in line with the Service’s ethics of operations adding that call outs required to be done on a ZP callout form.

ZANIS reports that Mr Mwale in a telephone interview said this following a named police officer who reportedly summoned by mobile phone a Lusaka based Human rights, activist, Smart Chanda to Goldfrey Miyanda police post for questioning.

“ If individual has been called out to police, there should a proper reason as to why they are being called to police, “ he said.

Recently, the named police officer at Godfrey Miyanda summoned Mr Chanda by mobile phone following a complaint against him by an aggrieved party .

However, when Mr. Chanda, who is Director for Hope for Human Rights, politely asked the for his name and the reason why he was being summoned , the named police officer repeatedly called him a criminal ordering him to report himself to Godfrey Miyanda police post.

‘’ You are a criminal, I don’t like people who are funny, I also become funny go and report to the GCIO or Mr. Kanganja, you are criminal,’’ said the unidentified police officer was heard saying on a recorded telephone conversation.

And Mr. Chanda described the actions taken by the unidentified police officer as an abuse and has appealed to the Inspector General of police to put an end to phone call police callouts without specified reasons.

‘’ The inspector General of Police should immediately put an end to police phone call outs, it’s an abuse to innocent citizens, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty,’’ Mr Chanda said in an interview.

Meanwhile Mr. Chanda has appealed to the Inspector General of Police to trace the unidentified officer who refused to identify himself but proceeded to verbally abuse an innocent citizen.


  1. Zambia Police is by far the most CORRUPT in the world, that’s where those callouts fit in.

  2. Why does government allow the Chinese or whoever the consultants to construct such ugly buildings?

  3. They are the worst in the whole world. If the conversation was not recorded, this could not have happened. They deserve to be disbanded. Zambia Police must be privatised, just like prisons.

  4. LOL Iwe Robert A police station cant be handsome. By nature it should be ugly so that offenders know what to expect once inside.

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